Incredible Relations With Your Employees?

Why It’s More Important Now Than Ever Before.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up businesses of all kinds. As safety precautions dictate that people shouldn’t come to work or spend time within the proximity of others, many workforces have moved to remote positions. That can be a significant change for workers and executives alike, but it doesn’t mean your business has to suffer. The secret to success may lie within how you treat your workers during the pandemic. Learn why you need good relations with your employees to prosper during COVID-19.

Amazing Relations Employees COVID19

Adjusting to Remote Work

As more and more employees are sent home while still being expected to work, many businesses are undergoing a bit of an adjustment period. Many people don’t have the technological means to work from home, or they may simply not have the mental discipline to work without the distractions of home. The psychology of employees is also impacted by the fear of the pandemic in general, and all of these factors can permeate throughout their work performance.

Because of this, you must establish policies that are friendly to their concerns if you want to maximize productivity. That means being more flexible on work hours, benefits, and policies. If someone can work from home, they should work from home, and they should be provided with all the necessary technology to do so safely and effectively if they don’t have it already.

Remote Work Security

Leaks and cyberattacks can destroy a company even when cybersecurity measures are in place. When work shifts to remote locations, information tends to be less protected. This is because people rarely have anything stronger than standard antivirus software on their home computers. This is also why cybercrime has increased during the pandemic.

Even the FBI has said as much, with Tonya Ugoretz stating, “Whereas (the FBI) might typically receive 1,000 complaints a day through their internet portal, they’re now receiving something like 3,000-4,000 complaints a day.” That means reports of cybercrime have nearly quadrupled since the pandemic’s onset. To maintain good relations with your employees, you need to make sure they’re equipped with all the necessary measures to protect against cyberattacks at home.

Company Loyalty

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on workers all across the country. Millions have been forced to apply for unemployment, while others are barely surviving while medical bills pile up with inadequate insurance to cover them. With so much despair permeating through the workforce, your competition has an opportunity to take advantage. Disgruntled workers may look for other jobs, and the only way you’ll be able to keep your team on board is to make their position more appealing than the competition. That may mean expanding benefits or implementing flexible working policies for remote workers.

This also applies to suppliers and customers. Your workers are going to be facing the brunt of complaints from both groups, so they’ll start to feel just as dissatisfied. That’s why you may want to consider implementing advanced customer support technology like chatbots and smartphone apps. While customer and supplier complaints can be addressed, your employees won’t have to deal with it on their own as much, making work easier.

Remote Work Technology From Corptek

If you’re looking to maintain good relations with your employees to prosper during COVID-19, Corptek can help. Our managed IT services can equip your team with all the necessary technology to work remotely safely and efficiently. Contact us today to learn more!