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For most businesses, breach detection comes way too late. Even with most businesses investing thousands of dollars in security, ignored alerts and overworked security personnel do little to help.

But what if there was a simpler and more reliable way of detecting and preventing a data breach? Huntress – Corptek’s data breach detection solution seeks out potential malicious activities and shuts them down right away.

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An Overview of the State of Data Breaches

An attacker–malicious software or an individual hacker–aims to exploit vulnerabilities to gain access to a target network. According to Webroot, 94% of all malicious executables they have encountered were polymorphic – this means that they have the ability to change to evade detection from conventional security solutions. This is the reason why the average dwell time (the time from when there is an attack on a network to when the attack is discovered) often ranges between 43 to 895 days for small and medium-sized businesses.

Generally, the average dwell time for persistent malware is 798 days. Ransomware, for example, often remains on the network for quite some time – spreading around to other areas of your system to steal as much information as possible. Typically, it remains undetected until that time when it has gathered enough data to alert you and demand a ransom. If we could detect and stop ransomware and other threats before they damage the integrity and confidentiality of our data, we would be better placed to avoid the calamitous consequences that come with such attacks. These include:

  • Legal liabilities and/or fines
  • Lost customer trust
  • Leaked and/or deleted files
  • Reputational damage
  • Hefty costs of equipment replacement and/or data recovery

All businesses must strive to catch cyber criminals before it’s too late. Whereas traditional security products focus on keeping cybercriminals out, they are not always effective. And that’s where Corptek’s data breach detection services come in. We offer comprehensive data services that not only help detect data breaches but also help prevent them.

Breach Detection: Surely Prevention Is Better Than Detection

When you adopt a layered security strategy, the attack surface presented by information systems can be reduced. Systems that are adequately hardened in line with parameters set by CISA are better placed to mitigate vulnerabilities. Whereas antivirus technology isn’t as effective given the increased complexity of cyberattacks (zero-day, mutating, and polymorphous strains of malware can all evade detection signatures of antivirus software), they still have a role to play in detecting and preventing data breaches.

That said, even with an armory of security products and well-operated security best practices, you can still never guarantee that a breach won’t occur. The best you can hope for is that you don’t get breached before you are able to mitigate it. Whereas prevention measures are still essential and effective, they don’t always guarantee that your system and networks will be 100% secure.

How Corptek’s Huntress Solution Can Help You With Breach Detection and Prevention

Huntress, Corptek’s breach detection solution was built by former NSA hackers to enhance the efficiency of your existing security solutions – providing an additional layer that is necessary to keep your business safe. It ensures that anything that goes through your defenses is shut down immediately before it causes any damage. Here’s how Huntress works:

  • Our agent collects data and transfers it to our cloud for analysis.
  • Our highly skilled IT team and our algorithm will review the data that was collected to identify threats.
  • You’ll get an actionable report with step-by-step directions on how to mitigate any threats.

If a data breach is detected, your team may not have the know-how to handle it. Huntress will identify the threat and alert us immediately. Our threat operations team, which comprises reverse engineers and penetration testers, can assist you to remediate the threats as required. The best part is that Huntress can be deployed in 10 minutes or less.

Are you looking for a data breach service provider in Fort Worth? Look no further than Corptek. We offer premium breach detection services that will help ensure that your business doesn’t become a victim of a data breach incident. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions.

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