Breach Detection Services

94% of All Malware is Polymorphic – Meaning That It’s Able to Change to Evade Detection from Traditional Security Solutions.

Webroot stated that 94% of all the malicious executables they’ve encountered were polymorphic – meaning they have the ability to change to evade detection from traditional security solutions. This is why the average dwell time – the time from when an attack takes place on the network to when the attack is discovered – ranges from 43 to 895 days on average for small to midsize businesses. For confirmed, persistent malware, the average dwell time is approximately 798 days. Scary, isn’t it? Especially in today’s day and age where cybercrime is more complex and sophisticated than ever before.

Ransomware, for instance, often remains hidden on the network for quite a while – spreading around to other areas of your system to steal as much information as possible – remaining undetected until it’s gathered enough data to alert you and demand a ransom fee. If we could stop ransomware and other threats before they damage the confidentiality and integrity of our data, we’d be much less likely to experience serious consequences resulting from the attack, such as:

  • Lost customer trust
  • Legal liabilities and/or fines
  • Leaked and/or deleted files
  • Hefty cost of equipment and/or data recovery
  • Reputational damage

That’s where our breach detection services come in. Traditional security products focus on keeping hackers out, which is vital, but what happens when someone breaks through? All businesses must strive to catch hackers before it’s too late. In fact, many security experts encourage organizations to assume that a compromise has already happened.

Huntress, Our Breach Detection Product, Proactively Seeks Out Potential Malicious Activity to Shut It Down Right Away.

Huntress, our breach detection product, was developed by ex-NSA hackers to augment your existing security solutions – offering an additional, necessary layer of protection in terms of ensuring anything that DOES get through your defenses is shut down right away. Here’s how it works:

  1. A lightweight agent gathers data and submits it to our cloud for analysis.
  2. Algorithms, alongside our highly skilled team, review the data to identify threats.
  3. An actionable report is provided with step-by-step instructions to remediate any threats.

If a breach is detected, your team won’t need any specialized training to handle it. Huntress will find the threat and alert you right away. Our threat operations team comprised of former penetration testers and reverse engineers are able to assist with remediating any threats as required. The best part? Huntress can be deployed in a matter of 10 minutes or less.

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