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Could Your Veterinary Practice Use Dependable IT Support?

Looking for an IT Support Team that “Gets” the Technological Challenges of the Veterinary Industry?

Though veterinarians spend their days surrounded by adorable, furry little patients, veterinary medicine is serious business.

Veterinary clinics like yours face many of the same issues traditional healthcare businesses do. But at the same time, your technology needs are unique to your work and to the clientele you serve.

You need to partner with a group of IT professionals that understands the animal healthcare industry and the tools you need to serve your patients most effectively.

Does Corptek Solutions Offer Total IT Care for Veterinary Clinics?

Yes. – If you’re ready to increase efficiencies and productivity, Corptek Solutions will make it happen.

Among the services we offer you are:

  • Proactive IT Maintenance
  • Real Time IT Answers to Employee Questions
  • Executive-Level IT Advice
  • A Team of IT Specialists Committed to Your Business’ Success
  • Predictable IT Support Costs Tailored to Fit Any Budget
  • Advanced Cybersecurity Measures to Keep Your Network and Data Secure

What Does Corptek Solutions do for Veterinarian Clinics?

With such a large volume of work to accomplish in a day, there is no question that you need an IT environment that is up to the task.

Corptek Solutions begins with assessing your IT systems for potential vulnerabilities. This allows us to fortify any potential security gaps and put in place proactive measures to prevent cybercriminal activity.

The expert technicians at Corptek Solutions provide complete care of your IT systems, allowing you to focus on the important task of caring for your patients.

We deliver continual operational monitoring and maintenance to ensure optimal performance and top-tier security.

Are You Tired Being a Low Priority on a Break/Fix Technician’s Repair Queue?

Gone are the days of manual medical charts and filing cabinets. Today’s technology has enabled veterinary administration staff to complete their work much more efficiently, freeing their time to provide support for your busy veterinary technicians and doctors.


Because everything from the check-in process to updating medical records and processing financial transactions relies on technology, you can’t afford for your systems to go down.

Even a short amount of downtime can result in customer frustration and hours of catch-up work added to the end of an already overly-full work day.

Many veterinary clinics fall into the trap of thinking that outsourced IT support is simply not financially viable for them. They limp along trying to keep their IT functioning, wasting time and money on expensive break/fix solutions.

What’s wrong with that?

Break/fix computer technicians who focus on temporary repairs generally only address the problem at hand. You may never get to the root of the problem.

That’s why outsourcing IT support for veterinary clinics is so important. We eliminate the need for break/fix technicians by correcting technology failures and providing active monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting to ensure your systems remain operating at peak capacity.

Corptek Solutions makes it our business to stay on top of the latest technology trends for veterinary medicine.

Best of all, we bring all of this to you for an affordable, flat-rate monthly fee. No more unexpected, costly repair bills. We give you all of the IT you need at one budget-friendly, predictable price.