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Key Points:

  • Digital transformation is redefining how businesses operate.
  • Your business has the challenge of creating and maintaining an IT infrastructure that facilitates daily operations, creates a productive environment for employees, and fights the evolving cyber threats.
  • Since 2005, Corptek Solutions has been serving businesses in Dallas-Fort with IT support and can help you, too.
“Mr. Jason is beyond amazing. He jumped right in and saved my data, my pictures, everything!!!!!!”

He has the best customer service that I can honestly say I have received in over a decade. He even allowed me to bring my son with me to his office so I didn’t have to find daycare! His whole staff was welcoming and comforting! If you need IT service for your business please call this company!!!”

Tahana Barcuch

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Digital transformation is changing the way businesses operate. Technology is helping organizations reach a new height in production and efficiency, solve the new problem of working from home, and keep businesses competitive.

Every business understands that IT technology done right has ridiculous power. Power to:

  • Improve innovation and efficiency
  • Help businesses meet the evolving customer demands
  • Enhance the way you approach customers
  • Transform how you deliver products and services
  • Change how you collaborate with co-workers

However, the problem most businesses face is having an IT workforce committed to change, identifying emerging technologies, and focusing on the impact that technological shift has on customers, internal processes, opportunities, and products and services.

Enter Corptek Solutions

In 2005, Jason Ricketts saw the struggle of businesses in Dallas-Fort Worth in adopting the right technology. A business might adopt a specific IT solution, but the rapid technological change quickly renders their solution outdated.

He noted that while organizations might have an internal IT team, their staff might lack the expertise to incorporate new technological solutions to help the business reach new heights.

As an IT director of a mortgage company for many years, Jason decided to use his skill in IT to help businesses in Dallas-Fort Worth leverage technology to their advantage.

The Inception of Corptek Solutions

With previous experience in the IT world, Jason started Corptek Solution.

At the start, Jason was the only employee. Over time, his tireless effort established a reputation for excellence, and the company began to flourish with referrals from satisfied customers.

Jason approached Chris Galbreath with a growing company to partner with him at Corptek. The partnership began to expand its client base — offering IT solutions to restaurants and the mortgage industry.

Chris came with expertise in remote support solutions, allowing the new partnership to offer off-site troubleshooting and IT maintenance to the existing client base.

Together they created an IT company that delivers pristine tech support to businesses in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex region, which include:

Today, Corptek Solutions offers one of the best managed IT services for small to mid-sized businesses in Dallas-Fort Worth.

What Your Business Will Get Working Corptek Solutions

Apart from exceptional technical expertise, Corptek Solutions will help your business leverage the best technology by:

  • Assessing your business operations to identify the best IT infrastructure to drive business objectives
  • Creating a productive environment for employees by deploying software that facilitates business operations
  • Exploring new ways your business can serve its customers digitally and support employees who are balancing work and home life
  • Fighting the evolving cyber threats  that risk crippling business activities

Since 2005, we’ve delivered reliable IT services in Dallas-Fort Worth and have a 98% client retention rate. Nearly all of our clients are satisfied with our services, making Better Business Bureau gives us an A+ rating.

Our technicians understand the IT world better, care about client satisfaction, and offer IT services that allow your business to stay competitive.

Great IT support allows effective data management, delivers appropriate solutions to technical problems, prepares your business for cyber threats, and ensures confidential business information stays secure.

The Exact IT Support that Corptek Solutions Offers

We offer comprehensive IT support that addresses nearly all of your business’s IT infrastructure, which includes:

  • Break/Fix solutions: Our experts can offer you IT services only when IT problems strike your business. We’ll send our experts to analyze system issues and provide your businesses with on-sight remedies. We’ll work with you to handle issues that don’t require a contract or a subscription with ongoing fees.
  • Managed IT services: We can shoulder the partial or full responsibility of your entire IT ecosystem so that you can focus on the core goal of your business. We’ll develop a holistic and ongoing relationship with your business so that we can actively monitor your business network and system. As a result, we can spot issues before they become system failures that can cripple your business.
  • Network Design: Every business requires a customized network design with high availability levels, performance, and security. However, you need experts with a deep understanding of wireless, wired, and cloud computing to help you manage data centers, servers room, LANs, and IoT applications. Regardless of your network infrastructure, Corptek Solutions has a team of experts that can help you design one that operates seamlessly.
  • HIPAA compliance expertise: When your business is in the health industry, you face the challenge of complying with HIPAA’s privacy and security regulations.  We can deploy a HIPAA compliance office to offer your healthcare business HIPAA compliance consulting to ensure you remain compliant.
  • Helpdesk 60: Every business today is technology-driven. Operational downtimes and IT maintenance issues can derail your business. You need sharp-eyed and dedicated IT help-desk support to help your team troubleshoot problems as they arise. At Corptek, we guarantee rapid response time to ensure unforeseen occurrences don’t negatively impact your business.

The Right Fit for Your IT Needs

Your business deserves impeccable. Our tech experts will examine your business infrastructure, suggest technological solutions that transform your organization to bring the future closer, and offer maintenance that ensures maximum operation efficiency.

Contact us today to switch to a new IT company with a comprehensive approach to maintaining all your assets.