What Do You Need from Data Backup Services In Fort Worth?

Learn what to expect from your managed service provider in Ft. Worth. Data backup services and integrity, system performance and employee training are critical. Corptek can help.  

When you’re choosing a managed service provider in Forth Worth, ask what data backup services they offer. Choose one with exceptional data backup services and security protocols. At Corptek, we encourage our clients to discuss the following important questions.

What Data Assets Do You Currently Need to Protect?

Our consultants have years, sometimes decades, of experience. You should choose a trusted IT provider that starts with creating an assessment of your current assets and processes. This provides critical information in the case of an emergency and lays the base work to prioritize new initiatives. Next, turn to document your data locations, risks and vulnerabilities.

How Would Losing Each of These Assets Affect Your Business?

When you lose data sets, it can disrupt your business and even threaten its very existence. Many businesses impacted by data breaches go out of business within half a year due to the loss of customer trust and fall out that goes along with successful ransomware or other cyberattacks. Choose Corptek for around-the-clock monitoring that detects and rejects malware attacks.

How Are Your Backups Stored and How Easy Are They to Recover?

How and where you store your backups is crucial. As well as on-premise, accessible backup strategies, it’s vital to maintain remote backups in case of a catastrophic event, such as a flood or data breach. If you partner with Corptek, your backups go to a variety of cloud-based locations to reduce the risk of loss. You also receive assistance with developing a comprehensive recovery plan that gets you back up and running quickly after a threat or outage.

Do Your Technology Leaders Understand the Top Business Threats?

Everyone in the organization needs to understand the threats faced by your company. Data breaches, ransomware and phishing attempt all target small businesses. Many of these attacks are successful due to preventable risks due to the uninformed actions of an employee. Cyberthreats come from malicious emails, phone calls and affected ads. Hackers are always looking for new ways to take your data and make money off it. That’s why employee awareness is critical.

What Are the Best Network Tools to Avoid Intrusion?

“As a Global CISO, the best advice I can give is … pick from a global perspective the most demanding and strict regulations you have to comply with and implement them globally.” — James Waters, Global CISO, Black & Veatch, at SecureWorld Kansas City.

Along with managed IT services for day-to-day network monitoring, Corptek strives to stay a few steps ahead of hackers by layering in various levels of detection and prevention. Every company is different and our solution for you will be too. Every client receives firewall installation and upgrades, as well as reports on potential risks that have been diverted.

Contact Corptek today to bring your Fort Worth business up to current standards for safe, productive operations. Trust us with your data backup services.