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Picture a scenario where a USB drive that contains sensitive company information gets stolen, or an employee loses a work computer? What happens to the data? Is the data protected against unauthorized access? If it’s not, these scenarios can be disastrous for your business.

Companies should implement encryption to protect data endpoints should an attacker breach their security measures or gain access to their devices.

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Is Your Mobile Data Security Strategy Effective?

Mobile devices have become necessary for almost every business today. From PCs to phones to tablets, these devices are essential for accomplishing various tasks. But while these devices help in the smooth running of businesses, they are the most targeted by hackers and cybercriminals.

So how can you ensure that your mobile devices are safe and that the information stored within them remains confidential?

SimplySecure is Corptek’s web-based management solution that enables you to secure vulnerable mobile devices remotely with customizable reports that indicate device conditions/risks. This all-in-one system will save you the trouble of having to purchase any additional tools to manage the security of your mobile devices.

This tool is built for tablets and Android phones, iPads and iPhones, Mac and Windows PCs, and USB storage. You can instantly add its modules to your web console/account on a need basis.

How SimplySecure Protects Macs and PCs

While phones and tablets have grown in prominence over the years, computers are still the preferred tool for most businesses. Computers often contain a business’s most sensitive information. This is why there are encryption regulations regarding how to secure the information stored in these devices.

SimplySecure can help you stay compliant. It layers an intelligent engine on top of the encryption built into the operating systems of all PCs so that the user burdens are wiped away. Additionally, our tool can instantaneously remove user access to data and leverages a patented technique to immediately restore data by simply pushing a single button on the SimplySecure management console. This applies to both Macs and PCs.

How SimplySecure Protects Tablets and Phones

Whereas phones and tablets are mostly used for personal use, they can also be used for work purposes. And when that’s the case, they become vulnerable to a data breach. Whether it’s documents or email, large volumes of information can be found on phones and tablets.

So what happens when that data gets stolen or is lost? Corptek’s SimplySecure can help. This solution has a wide array of capabilities that include encryption, password enforcement, application management, data elimination, and device tracking, which you can access through the same, single, easily operable policy management console that’s used to manage all mobile devices.

How to Secure USB Devices

Even though the threat of losing data via USB devices such as flash drives may not seem as prevalent, losing information stored on such devices can just be as calamitous. Some flash drives can hold up to four times more data than some iPads, and they are much smaller in size, so they are much easier to misplace or lose.

SimplySecure USB storage can be implanted on any flash drive – even after the user has initialized it.

Benefits of Endpoint Data Encryption

Endpoint data encryption provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Data Security: The key reason for deploying endpoint encryption is to safeguard sensitive data against leakage and unauthorized access. With endpoint encryption, an attacker that has physical access to a device won’t be able to access the information it contains.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Deploying endpoint encryption on devices that contain sensitive data protected by data regulations can be crucial to attaining compliance with some regulations.
  • Malware Defense: Endpoint encryption can help make your devices less vulnerable to malware attacks.

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