If you are still on the fence about cybersecurity, then consider this:

According to the non-profit IT information source, (ICS)2, there are overĀ 3 million cybersecurity jobsĀ still left unfilled in the U.S.

This presents a massive security risk across all industries, particularly for small and mid-size companies in automobile retail, healthcare, medical, and nonprofit organizations. While the demand for skilled IT professions has skyrocketed, the supply is plummeting.

What does this mean for companies in Fort Worth? More specifically, how does this vast skills gap affect your company? And, how can you procureĀ Fort Worth Managed Services?

The answer isĀ outsourced IT.

Why OutsourcedĀ Fort Worth Managed ServicesĀ Is Better Than In-House IT

The fact that there is a national cybersecurity crisis with the shortage of cybersecurity professionals willing to work for companies that do not specialize in IT should tell raise some red flags. For instance:

  • Professionals donā€™t just ā€˜doā€™ cybersecurity anymore. Many specialists have widened their scope of education and skill to other areas of IT.
  • Hiring an IT professional is not a sustainable model. Numerous studies over the last decade have revealed that in-house IT departments are too costly and can kill a budget.
  • The most talented professionals are now working for IT companies that allow them to use their skills and education to their greatest capacity.

But all the downsides of hiring cybersecurity professionals in-house notwithstanding, there are plenty of upsides to hiring a remoteĀ Fort Worth Managed ServicesĀ provider such as:

  • Drastic reduction in in-house costs. You no longer have to think about salaries, benefits, facilities, and ongoing IT needs from your employees. Just think where you can re-allocate your funding.
  • You get more for your money. After all, why settle for just cybersecurity, when you can get a mixture of services ā€”Ā managed IT, cloud services, security, data storage ā€” for less money?
  • All of your data and sensitive information is moved off-site onto a cloud platform. This digital transformation solves all kinds of issues, including fostering better collaboration, centralizing your database, and creating a more secure platform.
  • You have a 24/7 CIO who is continually monitoring and adjusting your system as you go. You no longer have to think about your IT, when an entire team of highly trained professionals is doing it for you.
  • You can finally clean out all the needless IT hardware, software, and equipment that seems to clutter your entire facility. Streamline all of your technology and simplify your infrastructure.

The fact that you canā€™t find talented in-house cybersecurity team members should create concern. Instead, it should create the opportunity you have been looking for to improve your internal processes, pocket more money back into your business, help you compete in your industry, and tighten security in your network.

Corptek Offers SuperiorĀ Fort Worth Managed Services

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