H.I.T.S 4 Healthcare

For less than 1 dollar per day, per device, you can take the steps necessary to proactively protect your computers, laptops and servers.

HITS 4 Healthcare is a portfolio of services designed to help small offices not only protect their endpoints but to also provide critical reporting in the event of a breach and impending audit. Most officess are vaguely aware of the requirements as well as the massive non-compliance penalties. For less than 1 dollar per day you can take the steps necessary to proactively protect your computers, laptops and servers.

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“Ignorance of HIPAA regulations is not considered to be a justifiable defense by the Office for Civil Rights of the Department of Health and Human Services.” Quoted from hhs.gov.
  • Proactive Monitoring

    When was the last time you didn’t worry if your network was secure and up-to-date?

    The health of your network should be high priority and something you, as a business owner or manager should not have to worry about it.

    This is why it’s critical to have real-time, 24×7 monitoring & maintenance for all your servers & workstations. With our proactive monitoring service your network has an early warning system to quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve network performance problems, many times before you even know about it
  • Monthly Reporting

    Our reporting will give you peace of mind knowing that your computers and servers are protected and in good health. With our web based consoles, you and/or your existing IT department/vendor can manage your services.

    In the event of a data breach you will have the ability to show undeniable proof with web based reporting that could potentially save thousands if not hundreds of thousands in penalties and fines.

    Our Risk Intelligence scans for unsecured data across a network—even in persistent storage—and provides an estimated financial figure for an organization’s potential liability in the event of a data breach.


    Network Security Risk Review. This report includes a proprietary Security Risk Score and chart showing the relative health (on a scale of 1 to 10) of the network security, along with a summary of the number of computers with issues. This powerful lead generation and sales development tool also reports on outbound protocols, System Control protocols, User Access Controls, as well as an external vulnerabilities summary list.
    Network Security Management Plan. Network Management Plan This report will help prioritize issues based on the issue’s risk score. A listing of all security related risks are provided along with recommended actions.
    Network Security PowerPoint. Use our generated PowerPoint presentation as a basis for conducting a meeting presenting your findings from the Network Detective. General summary information along with the risk and issue score are presented along with specific issue recommendations and next steps.
    External Vulnerabilities Scan Detail Report. A comprehensive output including security holes and warnings, informational items that can help make better network security decisions, plus a full NMap Scan which checks all 65,535 ports and reports which are open. This is an essential item for many standard security compliance reports.
    Outbound Security Report. Highlights deviation from industry standards compared to outbound port and protocol accessibility, lists available wireless networks as part of a wireless security survey, and provides information on Internet content accessibility.
    Security Policy Assessment Report. A detailed overview of the security policies which are in place on both a domain wide and local machine basis.
    Share Permission Report. Comprehensive lists of all network “shares” by computer, detailing which users and groups have access to which devices and files, and what level of access they have.
    User Permissions Report. Organizes permissions by user, showing all shared computers and files to which they have access.
    User Behavior Analysis Report. Shows all logins, successful and failure, by user. Report allows you to find service accounts which are not properly configured (and thus failing to login) as well as users who may be attempting (and possibly succeeding) in accessing resources (computers) which they should not be.
    Login History by Computer Report. Same data as User Behavior but inverted to show you by computer. Quite useful, in particular, for looking at a commonly accessed machines (file server, domain controller, etc.) – or a particularly sensitive machine for failed login attempts. An example would be CEO’s laptop – or the accounting computer where you want to be extra diligent in checking for users trying to get in.
    Login Failures by Computer Report. Report identifies users who have succeeded in logging in to another machine. Great for auditing/logging purposes to know of all attempts.
  • Managed Anti-Virus

    Our centralized managed anti-virus will protect you from everyday threats by managing a standardized protection through maintenance and reporting.

    Companies that choose to integrate a managed antivirus solution generally see five main benefits.

    1. All systems will have the same level of security – With a managed service, your IT partner will make sure to install software on all your systems. This means that there should be the same program installed on your systems, and that the antivirus will be updated to ensure that systems are protected from new security threats that come along.
    2. It is easier to manage – Managing your antivirus solution can be a tough task, especially in larger companies where different solutions may need to be employed. By working with an IT partner, your antivirus solutions are managed by tech experts. This is a great solution for business owners who aren’t too familiar with technology, or an overworked IT department.
    3. The solutions can be low-cost – Most managed antivirus solutions are offered as a monthly package, where companies pay per user. For some companies, this solution is more affordable per user than a non-managed solution. This is especially true if you have a high number of users and need to purchase multiple licenses.
    4. Management is continual – With unmanaged solutions, many users turn the antivirus protection off because it can slow their computer down or because they believe their usage habits are not compromising security. Managed antivirus solutions usually can’t be uninstalled or turned off, meaning your systems are continually protected.
    5. Your systems are truly protected – Regardless of how secure your systems are and the steps you take to ensure that malware doesn’t get through, the chances are you will eventually be infected. When you are, it may be tricky to actually completely remove the virus. IT partners are trained in how to do this quickly and efficiently and can usually completely remove the virus, ensuring that your systems are truly secure
  • Patch Management

    Computers, laptops and servers will always have the latest security updates to ensure they are protected from known vulnerabilities.

    Daily,weekly or monthly reporting provides the information necessary to show that you are protecting your ePHI data.

    • Proactive Protection: An effective patch management process can close vulnerabilities before they are exploited
    • Low System Overhead: Agentless OS patching frees up memory, CPU, and storage space for more important items
    • Full Visibility: Connection provides ongoing monitoring and detailed status reports you can check in real-time on the host system
    • Zero-day Deployment Services: Stop vulnerabilities immediately
    • Best of Breed: Industry-leading management tools disseminate patch delivery to endpoints and more
    • Flexible Schedule: Customized timely deployment schedule dramatically reduces corporate risk
    • Focus Resources: Removes the burden of resource-intensive IT activities

  • Vulnerability Scans

    Nearly every company today — regardless of size, budget, industry, or location — relies on the Internet for communication and collaboration.

    Unfortunately, businesses face network threats such as viruses, Trojans, spyware, ransomware, and other malicious programs (or “malware”) that have become increasingly complex and multi-faceted. Compromised computers, breaches in company data, and leaked personal identification information pose potentially devastating legal and financial consequences.

    Vulnerability scan tools have become a security requirement for every organization to prevent serious data loss or security breaches. Vulnerability scan tools can strengthen an organization’s security posture by combing the company network to collect information about devices (e.g., computers, servers, routers, and hubs), operating systems and applications installed on the network.

    After the scan tool collects the data, it compares its findings to a database of known weaknesses, signature patterns and anomalous behaviors. These and other techniques detect and prioritize the vulnerabilities of the scanned network.

    Once you get past all the ancillary features, the fundamental cornerstone you want from a vulnerability scan tool is accuracy. A tool that reports vulnerabilities where none exist (referred to as a “false-positive”) can waste time, money and manpower, as IT teams attempt to prove or disprove the veracity of each false-positive result. It also takes IT departments away from real threats affecting the company.

    In fact, more than half of over 200 IT staff surveyed by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) in 2015 replied that the large number of false-positives indicated by some vulnerability scan tools made them view such tools as noise generators. By their own admission, these IT experts reported that the fatigue brought on by chasing the large number of false-positives caused them to lose confidence in the ability of those tools to report potential and real breaches accurately.

    Some scan tools can also err on the flip side by unwittingly ignoring or skipping over vulnerabilities. These instances of “false negatives” can leave networks open to attack, without any indication that the company network is vulnerable. To avoid instances of false negatives from being reported, scan tools may over-compensate and report every possible issue as a vulnerability, and then place the onus on the IT department once again to debunk which concerns are valid and which ones are not.

    Companies looking for a vulnerability scan tool must take into account the dynamic nature of networks and cyberattacks, along with the fact that a vulnerability scan tool should be part of a multi-layered network security approach. Incorporating the right combination of vulnerability detection and management tools is the most effective approach to securing enterprise data, networks and devices.

    Doing more than just scanning your network for vulnerabilities, Corptek’s Vulnerability scans, provides the unique ability to analyze potential network security threats in terms of their likely financial impact. Knowing whether a particular vulnerability can expose the company to a financial loss of $10, $100, $1000 or $1,000,000 helps companies and their IT professionals, when deciding which vulnerabilities to fix first.
  • Device Encryption

    A web-managed system that enforces encryption and security policy, including remotely wiping at-risk data, on computers, laptops and servers.

    This is highly recommended for any computer that can access ePHI data.

    The solution: The SimplySecure Service offered by Corptek Solutions

    There is a better solution for organizations seeking data security and encryption: cloud-based SimplySecure, as managed by Corptek Solutions.

    Using the remotely managed SimplySecure platform, we enforce unobtrusive encryption and data security for all company and employee-owned devices in use within your organization, including PCs, laptops, phones, tablets, and USB storage devices.

    Corptek provides SimplySecure as a monthly-managed service, with no hardware or software purchases or long-term commitment required. Fitting within our monthly pay-as-you-go program, Corptek completely handles every aspect of the solution on your behalf, from deployment to management.

    SimplySecure’s remote cloud-based management means troubleshooting and remediation is handled remotely as well, translating into less downtime and maximizing employee productivity.

    Importantly, the SimplySecure platform plays nice with other services we provide. In fact, here at Corptek we use SimplySecure ourselves for our internal data security and encryption needs, so we’re experienced users with insight into the customer perspective.

    Based on experience, we prefer SimplySecure as a solution and believe it to be the best choice for our needs and yours. Using SimplySecure, we can provide protection for all PCs and laptops at use within your organization, as well as phones, tablets, and USB storage as needed, all under the same management console and with the same inherent security benefits.

    The worry and hassle-free SimplySecure service is the only monthly pay-as-you-go service that not only encrypts data, but with just a call to Corptek we can lock out a user or kill a device completely, in the event that this becomes necessary.

    For those unfortunate scenarios where encryption is not enough – when a password is compromised, when devices have open sessions with credentials entered and fall into the wrong hands, when malicious former employees have access via their devices – SimplySecure can be thought of as encryption plus, delivering the means to cut off these avenues that would otherwise result in data breaches. In this way, SimplySecure offers superior data protection, and helps us sleep better at night
  • Breach Detection

    Stop Breaches before they become Company Headlines

    Corptek relies on the Layered Security of Huntress.

    What is Huntress and why is it crucial to your company’s cyber security?

    Developed by ex-NSA hackers, Huntress enhances your current security stack through constant monitoring and analysis of your existing systems.

    The Huntress service will analyze your cyber security routines and point out exploitable or hidden weaknesses.

    In case of a breach, Huntress’s automated alogrithmn will review the data and notify your team of any threats.

    In case of a breach, Huntress provides custom reporting to help you assess and repair any breaches.

    Contact Corptek to discuss Breach Detection and Security Solutions provided by Huntress.