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Incident Response Planning in Fort Worth, Texas

There are numerous “incidents” that could cause significant damage to your business. Unexpected IT equipment failure, sudden power outage, a natural disaster, or a cyber-attack could result in devastating downtime that may not only cost your business thousands of dollars but also tarnish its reputation. That’s why Corptek offers premium incident response planning that can help businesses prepare for any disaster that comes their way.

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Corptek Can Create Solid Incident Response Strategies for Your Business

In order to understand incident response approaches in Fort Worth, it is vital first to understand the regulatory requirements and the imminent threats that can put your business at risk. Federal and state governments are beginning to pass laws pertaining to organizations’ responsibilities to protect their customers’ and employees’ information.

The EU (European Union) passed punitive measures as mandated by the NIS Directive and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). California has made its stance on incident response official under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Now more than ever, it’s crucial for organizations to consider how they are going to respond to cyber incidents to mitigate the financial and legal risks associated with data breaches.

Corptek’s incident response services can help your business to develop strategies and processes to respond quickly in case of an incident. When you work with us, you can be confident that you have the support to deal with various incidents effectively.

What Is the Purpose of Incident Response Strategies?

Data breaches and cyber-attacks target large and small organizations alike, as well as federal agencies. Some experts even argue that cyberattacks are inevitable. Even so, you have an additional layer of protection by frequently backing up your data so that you can utilize it to bring critical systems back online in case of a breach.

So what are the reasons why businesses should have incident response strategies?

  • Data protection: Protection of data is vital for every business. By following an updated incident response plan, your team can proactively protect your data. The necessary procedures involved include proper identity and access management to avoid insider threats, leveraging logs and security alerts to detect malicious activities and strong attention to patch management.
  • Protect your reputation and customer trust: If a security breach isn’t handled properly, your business risks losing its customers. An incident response strategy can help you mitigate the effects of a data breach or an attack so that it doesn’t adversely affect your business.
  • Protection of revenue: According to IBM, the global average cost of a data breach is $4.24 million. This stat shows just how much a data breach can impact your revenue. An incident response plan can enable your business to detect and respond to breaches faster, thereby minimizing the potential loss of revenue.

What Are the Required Threat Responses Under Existing Regulations?

The NIS Directive and the GDPR spell out the expectations of businesses to restore the availability of personal data following a data breach. This is a good starting point when considering your own incident response strategy.

Here is an outline of the recommended responses to each stage of a potential breach:

  • Reconnaissance: Threat actors identify the target and look for vulnerabilities to exploit. Countermeasures in this stage include proactive monitoring and response to alerts. Situational awareness of unexplained or suspicious activities is key to making the proper assessment.
  • Collaboration: Cybercriminals attack the target by exploiting the vulnerabilities in their system. To counter this phase, you should redesign your network architecture to make it more difficult for unauthorized access. Consider implementing standard controls as laid out in ISO 27001 regulations. Our consultants can conduct a penetration test targeting employees who need training on how to avoid suspicious links and emails.
  • Attain Objectives: The ultimate goal of cybercriminals is to disrupt your system and steal sensitive data. At this stage, the attackers can manipulate information or extract data for sale on the dark web. Countermeasures include partnering with a proven security expert such as Corptek to create an incident response plan, as well as a comprehensive business continuity strategy in case of a disaster. Corptek can also recommend reputable cyber insurance firms to protect your business against the financial costs associated with recovery from a cyberattack or data breach event.

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