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IT Security Assessments For Dallas & Fort Worth Businesses

How IT Security Assessment Can Help You Find Out if Your Business Is Threatened

We hear it on many occasions from small business owners; they know they should beef up the protection for their networks, but they don’t know how to.Β It’s not that they have not done a lot already – they’ve installed the recommended antivirus and firewall software, trained their employees on ways of detecting different types of cyberattacks, implemented strong passwords, and generally try to practice good cyber hygiene.

Yet, they still have a gnawing feeling that they should do more. Their worries are warranted, especially since hackers are constantly working on new ways to exploit network vulnerabilities. In fact, according to a recent study, a business falls victim to a ransomware attack every 11 seconds.

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What Measures Can Fort Worth & Dallas Small Businesses Take?

To begin, we recommend that you have an IT security assessment completed. Corptek offers IT security assessment services with minimal interference to your workflow and employees. Upon completion, we will furnish you with a comprehensive report detailing any vulnerabilities and the measures you can take to resolve them.

What Reports Will You Receive After an Assessment?

  • Security Risk Report: It provides the security policies with violations. We will outline any risks and vulnerabilities that are detected in your network.
  • Shared Permission Report: This report details which computers, groups, and users, have access to what files and devices – as well as any potential vulnerabilities associated with their level of access.
  • Policy Assessment: This is a review of the policies you are currently using – both on individual machines and on your local network.
  • User Permission Analysis: This is a list that outlines every user’s permissions. It shows exactly what every user can access.
  • External Vulnerabilities: This report outlines accessibility issues, known security vulnerabilities, warnings, and information that can help you make better network security decisions to ensure your business stays safe.

What Steps Should You Take After the Assessment?

Ideally, risk levels should be used to support the prioritization of risks. While this may sound obvious, many organizations review the entire risk assessment report looking for quick wins. But if you focus on a problem that is rated as low risk, your time and resources are better spent elsewhere.

As such, you should start your risk treatment process with any critical high-risk items identified in the report. These are those items that make your business extremely vulnerable.

At Corptek, we strive to complete the risk assessment process within the shortest time possible and help guide you on how to remediate the vulnerabilities identified on your network.

How Do You Keep Your Dallas/Fort Worth Business Safe?

First, you should ensure that you make all the changes recommended in the assessment report. You should then ensure that your IT security assessment is a continuous activity. A comprehensive IT security assessment should be conducted at least once every two years.

Suppose you happen to have updated any major pieces of hardware or software, we recommend following that up with an assessment as well to make sure that no breaches have occurred with installations or permissions.

Corptek’s IT Security Assessment Services Are Right for Your Business

In today’s tech-oriented world, hackers are constantly coming up with more sophisticated attack techniques to exploit business networks. As such, it is important to partner with an IT security assessment provider that is conversant with new attack vectors.

Corptek constantly researches and analyzes new attacks and vulnerabilities to keep your IT security assessment service up to date. Our assessments are high-quality. We strive not only to provide the best service but also the most interruption-free process – so you and your business can continue working smoothly.

Are you an organization in Fort Worth/Dallas looking for IT services? Connect with Corptek for all your outsourced IT needs.

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