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IT Support for Dentists, Orthodontists and Oral Surgeons

Does High-Performance Technology Improve Workflow and Efficiencies in Dental Offices?

A dental office is only as good as the care it provides for its patients. To achieve this goal, it’s important to establish a work environment that optimizes productivity for your staff and engages the patient.

Today’s dental practices face increasing demands to offer cutting-edge dental services to their patients. That means leveling up your technology.

What Will This Shift Towards High Technology Dependence Mean For Dental Practices?

Practice management software has now become the gold standard for dental offices. This innovative technology allows for easier communication between your dental office staff and your valued client base.

But it’s not just client communications and online appointment scheduling that needed an upgrade.

Today’s dental patients need the assurance that their medical records are safe and accessible to them. With non-compliance violations resulting in woefully painful fees and penalties, you can’t afford for even a simple mistake to happen. It puts the reputation you spent your life building on the line.

What is IT Support for Dental Offices?

IT support for dental offices is dramatically different from the approaches required for other industries.

Dental technology is more nuanced and sophisticated than the broader spectrum of businesses. Your IT environment requires the touch of an expert to monitor and maintain your systems to ensure your data is protected and compliant, that your imaging software integrates well, and that your staff can communicate with your patients in modern, user-friendly ways.

Your IT support team for dental offices should possess:

  • Established relationships with quality vendors of both software and hardware solutions
  • Intimate knowledge of dental office technology including communications, billing, imaging, and diagnostics
  • Familiarity with medical and dental technology trends and advances
  • A solid reputation for HIPAA compliance expertise
  • A thorough understanding of the intricacies of dental operations and the technology that powers them
  • The ability to break challenging tech-speak into simple English

How Do IT Services Benefit Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex Dental Practices?

To keep pace with a technologically savvy client base as well as to improve client care efficiencies, IT support for dental offices is critical.

After all, you didn’t hire your staff for their IT skills. Without an expert technician at the helm of your IT assets, you have untapped potential that you are paying for but not getting the benefit.

Partnering with Corptek Solutions for all your dental IT support needs will allow you to leverage the technology you already own but simply aren’t using to its maximum efficacy.

Here are a few things that IT support for dental offices with Corptek Solutions offers you:

  • Proactive IT Maintenance
  • Real Time IT Answers to Employee Questions
  • Executive-Level IT Advice
  • A Team of IT Specialists Committed to Your Business’ Success
  • Predictable IT Support Costs Tailored to Fit Any Budget
  • Advanced Cybersecurity Measures to Keep Your Network and Data Secure
  • HIPAA Compliance Expertise to Get and Keep Your Dental Practice on Target