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Corptek Provides IT Services For Healthcare Organizations In Ennis, TX

Protecting your patients starts with having a secure technology infrastructure and data storage. Trust the professionals to care for your business systems.  

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Small businesses are facing a crisis — technology continues to become more complex and expensive, while also becoming a greater factor in differentiating your business. This means that internal IT teams continue struggling to meet the needs of the organization and rarely have time to do more than provide simple problem resolution. This is particularly troubling in the healthcare sector as clinics and hospitals increasingly find themselves the target of cyberattacks such as data breaches. There are so many healthcare alternative options in today’s market that a superior patient experience may be the differentiating factor that your business needs. Without a comprehensive infrastructure and communications strategy, you may find your healthcare organization falling behind in terms of technology — and losing patients to your competitors, too.

Fast Updates, Rapid Support

It’s rare to be able to promise an IT help desk response time of 60 seconds or less, but that’s exactly how Dallas-based Corptek Solutions provides value to their clients. For the past 14 years,¬†IT professionals at Corptek¬†have been refining their processes to ensure that standard requests receive this unprecedented response rate. This quick answer from support teams allows business users to be incredibly productive and confident in the services that they’re offering to patients. Knowing that help is only a single minute away reduces team frustration, improves staff outlook and helps boost patient trust in your organization as well.

Guarding Against Cyberattacks

According to the AMA,¬†cybersecurity is one of the biggest challenges for today’s healthcare organizations. Small medical practices are considered particularly vulnerable, as physicians rely on IT professionals and a range of vendors to provide a high level of network and system support. While becoming HIPAA compliant is a good start to protecting your organization, it’s not considered enough to ensure that your patient data is secure and that your operations are safe from future attacks. In a letter to Congress, James L. Madara, Executive Vice President and CEO of the AMA, notes “As clinical adoption of digital medicine tools accelerates with new innovations, and in light of increased public and commercial insurer coverage of digital medicine tools and services, there is increased urgency to advance policies that remedy vulnerabilities in cybersecurity”.

Data Privacy and Backups

Healthcare organizations are particularly vulnerable to any type of operational outage. Whether that outage is due to a disaster, staff accident or ransomware, you need to know that you can quickly regain access to your critical patient information. Losing even a single patient’s information could be devastating to your business, making secure offsite backups a necessary next step for your IT services provider. Creating a robust backup and recovery process means offering your staff the peace of mind knowing that data is not only secure at rest and in transit but that your business applications and data can be restored in a matter of minutes or hours — depending on the needs of your business.

Finding the right IT services provider for your business requires finding a team that not only understands your technology needs but that can also handle any compliance issues that your healthcare or dental practice requires. The proactive solutions providers at Corptek Solutions specialize in working with small to mid-size businesses in the Fort Worth, Texas area to provide comprehensive support so you can successfully meet your business goals. Contact us today at 833-568-9276 for a free initial consultation or request a response online by filling out our quick form.