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Corptek provides your IT service needs in Southlake, TX. We’ll give you access to flexible, experienced professionals for your IT infrastructure needs.  

IT Services Southlake Texas

Although managed IT services have been around for a while, some organizations still rely only on their on-premise IT teams. According to CompTIA, that trend is declining. More Atlanta businesses are turning to outsourced IT resources. Two out of three survey respondents used IT consultants in the prior year. Here are some of the most popular services passed on to experienced consulting firms:

  • Email hosting
  • Monitoring networks
  • Backup and recovery
  • Data storage
  • CRM application management
  • HIPAA compliance

Join the growing number of business decision-makers turning to a managed services provider (MSP) to improve your IT infrastructure.

Here are four benefits of outsourcing IT services in SouthlakeTX.

How Does an MSP Increase Uptime?

For business leaders, computer downtime means staff members roaming the halls or going out for long lunches while the system is restored. It’s like a stab in the heart. Nothing can be accomplished these days without connectivity to systems and databases.

Downtime is a major productivity buster. Information Week surveyed 200 companies, which reported that IT issues had cost them $265 billion. The average annual loss per company is $150,000. What does that have to do with MSPs?

First, for that much money, MSPs like Corptek provide enough security and performance tuning to pay for themselves quickly. We monitor your network around the clock to find problems before they escalate to downtime. Rather than reactively fixing a broken system, an effective provider of IT services in Southlake, Texas, performs proactive maintenance to avoid outages altogether.

Can an MSP Simplify Your Business Operations?

Using a managed IT services provider saves you the worry over server crashes and email outages. You need expert technologists to provide web hosting, email maintenance, data storage and network maintenance. With qualified professionals at the helm, you have the confidence and peace of mind that your IT infrastructure’s in good hands. We work independently or with your existing staff to upgrade the system for efficiency to improve your overall operations.

How Can You Expand Your Access to IT Talent?

Hire an established MSP to gain access to an array of expertise, without having to pay their salaries. A good MSP has certified, experienced veterans with the credentials needed to complete your data migration, security audit and other IT services in SouthlakeTX.

With a team monitoring your systems all the time, there’s someone to solve problems as they arise. They can also lean on the expertise of specialists in many fields affiliated with Corptek.

Do MSPs Know the Compliance for My Industry?

If you work in healthcare, it’s important to partner with a provider who understands the complexities of overlapping compliance requirements, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and various other regulations impacting EHR’s. We won’t let you get lost it the shuffle or send you an amateur. Let us vet out the right resources familiar with the compliance guidelines in your industry.

Who Should You Hire for IT Services in SouthlakeTX?

Corptek is a local provider ready to take on your IT service needs in Southlake, TX. Let us give you access to a team of flexible, experienced professionals for whatever you need help with — up to and including outsourcing your entire IT infrastructure management.

Contact us today to schedule a review of your existing system or to discuss a particular project.