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Corptek: Your IT Support Team In Allen, TX

The Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has shown how fragile and vulnerable our systems are, and few people predicted how much disruption it would cause to workplaces.

In the current environment workforces across the globe affected by the stay-at-home measures find that remote working is now a necessity.

However, the situation introduces several new challenges and requirements, such as the necessity for cloud computing, secure remote access to company networks, maintenance of off-premises user hardware, and lower availability of IT technicians.
An IT Support Company in Allen, TX providing managed services can help you to solve these challenges if you have remote workers within your organization.

IT Support Company In Allen, TX

How Does An IT Support Company Work?

Managed IT support will offer the assistance you and your team need for your daily business tasks as you work remotely, from installing and updating apps, to sorting out network issues. A support provider will help you fix hardware problems, and guide you through ongoing tech issues and problem areas by providing the following services:

  • IT support: This could is available 24/7 using local technicians for internal business needs or as a personalized service supplied virtually to remote staff.
  • Installation and setup: This involves installing apps on remote workers’ computers or mobile devices, as well as company servers. Services include configuration of operating systems, DHCP and group policies.
  • Cloud support: Support for the advanced cybersecurity solutions needed by cloud services.
  • Incident-based IT support: This is a solution offered to respond to specific technical issues and emergency incidents. Your IT support solution provider must focus on delivering a satisfactory outcome as quickly as possible to reduce downtime.
  • Monitoring services: This service includes monitoring your network, website, server performance, event logs, data storage capacity, firewalls and antivirus, and internet connectivity.
  • Managed services: Your business could outsource many of the IT services it requires to a support company to cut costs and improve its operations. Managed IT support can help you deploy remote servers, provide a help desk to your team or clients, and offer proactive consulting.

The Benefits of IT Support

While the services above make IT support necessary for all organizations, it becomes an absolute necessity when you have team members working remotely. Here are some of the benefits of IT support for remote workers:

  • Quick Responses: Technical issues need resolution as fast as possible to allow your remote workforce to provide the same level of service expected from on-premises workers. When you can contact IT support quickly, and the provider offers speedy resolution, you prevent loss of business or service bottlenecks.
  • Reduced Costs: Managed IT support from a company in Allen, Texas, gives you cost savings because you do not need to hire full-time IT support staff. There are no travel expenses for issues, and your service provider resolves problems remotely.
  • Better Focus: According to a Udemy survey, 70 percent of employees consider non-work distractions as a significant factor that affects their productivity. Removing IT issues off your team’s plate means that they have one less distraction. IT support handles your tech issues so your staff can focus on their primary responsibilities.
  • Quickly Find Support for New Technology: A new way to work inevitably comes with new technologies. However, depending on the complexity of the solution you require, it could take weeks or months, as well as the considerable cost to hire or train the people to implement the project. A quality IT Support Company in Allen, TX, has the resources to set up and provide support quickly, thanks to the experience of its experts.
  • Access to a Large Pool of IT Skills: Having your own in-house IT expert or team could limit the level of expertise and experience available to your organization. However, when you use managed IT support for your company, you get a team with an extensive skill set, and any niche issues can g passed on from the initial technician who identified the tissue to a colleague who has specific training.
  • Work More Efficiency: Suppose your organization has different locations, or you have a large number of remote workers. In that case, you may find your centralized in-house support stretched if they have to move between locations physically. Besides having a larger support team than most SMBs, managed IT support providers have the infrastructure needed to offer their services, particular software and system support, remotely.

Give Your Company a Competitive Advantage with Expert IT Support

Even after the disruption from Covid-19 settles, you will still need to support remote workers. Estimates indicate that up to 30% of the world’s workforce will continue to work remotely to the end of 2021.

Managed IT support will help you set up and support the solutions that enable the new standard – remote work. Get in touch with Corptek and work with local tech experts who will handle your on-site and remote IT support needs.