What IT Services For Medical Clinics in Southlake, TX Does Corptek Provide?

If you need IT support for medical clinics in Southlake and the rest of Texas, Corptek has the connections and tools to get you there. Contact us today for more information.  

If you have medical clinics in Southlake or across Texas, you need IT support to keep your operations running smoothly. Corptek supports practices like yours with one or multiple offices with the best connectivity, data storage, privacy compliance, and medical systems support available.

One recently added client with two offices needed IT services for medical clinics. We now supply them with managed IT services for:

  • Multiple office end-user support
  • Desktop support 50+ users
  • 3 servers
  • VoIP system
  • Virtual environment for patient support software

The following services describe how Corptek helped this client and can provide solutions for your medical clinics as well.

What Clinical Collaboration Solutions Does Corptek Offer Medical Clinics?

Whether your clinic uses telehealth technology, remote monitoring or specialized applications, our team of IT healthcare developers and network engineers can help streamline your processes and provide user support.

What Kind of IT Infrastructure Support Do Healthcare Providers Need?

Let Corptek consultants improve the patient experience with better software tools that can reduce readmissions and help keep your medical clinic HIPAA compliant. We can assess your current IT infrastructure and make suggestions for improvement.

You can improve your patient retention and satisfaction with smart technology such as clinical mobility, remote monitoring, and patient data security.

What Next-Generation IT Services for Medical Clinics Did Corptek Recommend?

For this particular client, we concentrated on HIPAA-compliant smartphone video apps that made it easier for the staff to remotely monitor patients. They needed collaboration tools, so the Corptek consultants introduced HD audio and video tools. Contact us today for advice on getting your telehealth services up and running.

What About Patient Security?

Every day, clinical IT professionals safeguard data and devices from hackers attempting to breach your network defenses. Phishing, social engineering and other attacks subvert network integrity and leave you vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Ask our HIPAA and HITECH compliance experts how you can build a strong network security position for each location. At a minimum, we cover the following IT services for medical clinics and hospitals:

  • Patient data security
  • Firewalls
  • Secured endpoints
  • Encryption
  • Two-factor authentication

“Data will transform how providers make decisions—the growing implementation of technology developed for healthcare is creating the opportunity to use clinical data in more sophisticated ways, enabling clinicians to make better decisions and deliver better care,” according to Health Data Management.

Contact Corptek Today for Patient Physical Security Other IT Services

These clinics needed security for patients’ physical well-being and data privacy. Corptek didn’t stop at great software tools and secure firewalls. As a solution to ensuring the physical security of patients, our technicians installed video surveillance equipment and predictive analytics to detect threats in their network. If you need IT support for medical clinics in Southlake and the rest of Texas, Corptek has the connections and tools to get you there.

Contact us today for more information.