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Microsoft 365 Backup Services In Dallas & Fort Worth

For any organization using Microsoft 365, backing up the data stored within your suite is vital. Despite Microsoft’s advanced security features, loss of data is an issue that most users experience.

There are several reasons for data loss, including accidental deletion, external threats, among others. You need to ensure that your business’s data is stored safely to avoid reputational and financial damages that come with data loss. Ahead is a look at how Corptek Solutions’ Office 365 backup services can help protect your data.

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What Does Microsoft Do to Protect User Data?

For users who have an active subscription, Microsoft Office preserves and maintains different types of incoming, internal, and outgoing data. Suppose your subscription gets terminated or elapses, Microsoft retains the data in an account with limited functionality for 90 days.

After 180 days, Microsoft will deactivate your account and delete all the stored data. At this point, the data won’t be recoverable. That said, Microsoft offers basic protection for your data even when your subscription is still active. This means that the creation and maintenance of backup and recovery is your responsibility. Microsoft is under no obligation to take those extra measures.

Microsoft 365 Backup Features

When choosing a backup and recovery provider for your Microsoft Office suite, there are numerous crucial features that you should keep in mind. Here is a look at some of them:

  • Automated Backup: A backup system isn’t as useful when you have to back it up manually yourself. An automated backup takes point-in-time snapshots of all Microsoft applications such as OneDrive to ensure that your data is always protected.
  • Security and Compliance: Suppose your organization is required to follow compliance standards such as NIST or HIPAA; Office 365 backup services can help ensure that you meet various requirements like long-term data retention. Partnering with a provider that offers backup solutions that meet these compliance standards is crucial, given that it will ensure that the security surrounding your backup is robust.
  • Quick and Easy Recovery: The ability to recover your data easily is just as essential as having it backed up. When your data backup solution has a fast restoration time, your organization can promptly get back up and running after a disruption. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your Microsoft Office backup service can restore all the data with all files and folders in their correct places, just as they were before the disruption.
  • Unlimited Storage: As you back up your Microsoft data, it is crucial that you ensure it is all backed up exhaustively. As your business grows and generates more data, it’s important that you don’t run out of storage, leaving you with incomplete backups.
  • Easy Management: It’s a good idea to periodically check on the health and status of your servers as your backup solution runs. Having the native ability to manage and easily view your backup solution will provide you with visibility and the information needed to make server or network changes whenever there is a problem.

Corptek Solutions Offers Microsoft 365 Backup Solutions

One of the most reliable and effective ways of backing up Microsoft Office 365 data is through Armada Enterprise Cloud Backup. Corptek Solutions, a Microsoft partner and a top notch IT support company, can set up and maintain this solution, thereby helping you mitigate the risk of losing access to Exchange and Office 365 online data. What’s more, given that there aren’t any limitations imposed on the number of mailboxes or data size, the platform is scalable and can therefore meet your organization’s needs.

Suppose you work in a regulated industry such as healthcare or law, there are strict backup standards that you are required to meet. With Armada Cloud backup, all backed up data is compressed, encrypted, duplicated, and stored in a secure managed cloud or hybrid cloud environment. As such, you’ll meet the standards set by most regulations.

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