The Ins and Outs of Microsoft Modern Workplace

The modern workplace is evolving rapidly with remote teams, complex security issues, and new business models. Notably, a survey by Pew Research Center revealed that more than half of the employees working from home due to the pandemic preferred to work remotely. For businesses to fulfill the modern workplace’s needs, organizations need hardware and software that facilitates collaboration, communication, security, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

Microsoft Office 365 is a vital component in today’s modern workplace strategy. Microsoft Modern Workplace is designed to promote remote collaboration, increase productivity, and improve user satisfaction. The main selling point of Microsoft’s Office 365 is the high security that allows end-to-end management. You’ll also get a string of services of what a tech-savvy employee expects to find in a modern office.

Read on for more insights into the Microsoft Modern Workplace.

What Is the Microsoft Modern Workplace?

The Microsoft Modern Workplace operates using the Microsoft 365 suite and has extra security features. As a result, end-users can use this modern workplace from different locations without posing any security risks. With rising cases of cybersecurity attacks mainly aimed at remote workers, companies have increased their focus on providing robust cyber security support for their virtual teams. In the US alone, more than 1000 companies reported cyber attack incidents which led to costly downtime.

Pros of Microsoft 365


Unlike other services you pay for individual licenses, you’ll enjoy lower upfront costs on Office 365. You’ll also get a convenient monthly subscription that is in line with your business model. For instance, if you choose the Small Business Premium, you’ll get business-class email services, and you won’t have to cater for the installation and maintenance of an in-house email server. This way, SMBs are better placed to manage their IT budgets because they purchase only what they need.

You’ll also save on the cost of IT infrastructure as you can launch internal applications and custom apps in the cloud. If you go for the subscription model, you will receive automatic upgrades without paying for new software. A study by Forrester revealed that SMBs and mid-sized companies that switched to the Microsoft Modern Workplace had up to 162% return on investment. In the research, most of these companies achieved ROI in five months while also reducing overhead costs by approximately $8,100.

Superior Security Features

Data security is a primary concern when people think of working with cloud-based platforms such as Microsoft 365. The Microsoft Modern Workplace has various security features to cover all the security concerns that you may have. You can store your critical documents on the Microsoft cloud, which gives you an impressive backup and resilience that minimizes the risks of losing documents if a hard drive fails.

Also, Microsoft offers various upgrades, so your business can still benefit from cutting edge security features such as:

  • Data loss prevention – This software safeguards against potential data breaches
  • Advanced threat analytics – You enjoy intelligence-based protection against cybercriminals before they hack into your data
  • Encrypted email – Any data you share will be more secure because of the encryption
  • Mobile device management – With this software, you control who accesses your data and from what device


While using Microsoft 365, you have the freedom to scale from a single user to approximately 300 users. Also, as you continue expanding your operations, Microsoft Modern Workplace will scale up to meet your business needs.

Easier Collaboration

With more employees preferring to work remotely, companies need to utilize a platform that allows better collaboration between teammates. In fact, research by Forrester showed that only 30% of businesses would go back to the work-from-office model after the pandemic. Microsoft 365 allows all your employees to contribute to a document at the same time. Everyone sees the changes on the document in real-time, and you don’t have to worry even if there are multiple versions of a similar document. Also, all documents are in the cloud, so you don’t have to send any sensitive details via mail.

Remote Access

The biggest advantage of Microsoft 365 is that users can access documents, emails, and other vital files from anywhere. Your work will still continue even if you have employees on the road. If your office space is at a premium, you can allow your employees to work from home since they have all the tools required for the job. Statistics show that up to 80% of businesses saved more money and increased productivity and security levels after adopting a cloud approach. This also helps to boost productivity, since employees can work in the most suitable environments.

Cons of Microsoft 365

Compatibility Issues

New software means that your business system must be compatible with the new releases. However, you’ll still have compatibility issues with Microsoft, and you might be forced to replace your computers or switch to another system.

You Don’t Own the Software

Signing up for Microsoft 365 is simply getting permission to use the software. In case Microsoft decides not to support this modern workplace anymore, you will lose your work tools. On the flip side, Office 365 has over 120 million users and over 80% of fortune 500 companies. Therefore, you’ll still be in good company.

Internet Reliability

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based system, so you must have access to the internet to avoid any downtime. Microsoft is aware of this issue, so an inbuilt desktop version lets you work offline for a short period. The file will then upload and synchronize once you get to an internet coverage area. However, many users face problems while trying to restore access.

Corptek Knows the Ins and Outs of the Microsoft Modern Workplace

If your business has not yet adopted the Microsoft Modern Workplace, it’s likely that your current business technology and processes will quickly become outdated. Outdated tech will lead to inefficient operations that will significantly affect customer experience, directly impacting profit margins.

As you get ready to adopt Microsoft Modern Workplace in your business, you need to consult the right IT experts for professional assistance. Corptek is an IT consulting company that offers the best full-time IT support or backup across Dallas and Fort Worth. Contact us today for more details on how technology can revolutionize the way you do business.