Microsoft Teams Chat

The need for companies in Fort Worth to communicate quickly, efficiently, and securely with team members has never been more important. You need a solution that works today and will work even better tomorrow. Fortunately, even in a pre-COVID world, Microsoft was focused on providing such capabilities. Its new offerings show how it is stepping up its game with enhancements to its Teams app.

Microsoft Teams Chat

Chat Beyond Customer Support

The use of chat has proven its value in the customer service field. More than half of all B2B companies now use chat for customer support functions. Their success with this communication tool has supported its migration to use within the companies for teams and workgroups.

The positive impact of chat as a communications channel explains why it has become one of the fastest-growing applications in Microsoft history. With more than 330,000 users worldwide, the chat tool is now considered indispensable in many organizations.

Just a few of the reasons for this rapid adaption include:

  • Chat recognizes the role of mobility in today’s corporate work environment. The phone accommodates immediate access and response to team members
  • It reduces the Inbox clutter problem
  • Collaboration is enhanced with the integration of access to files and multiple document versions
  • Chat is more than the chat in that it allows the sharing of files, videos, and other group work product
  • The app allows for continuity in planning, holding, and following up on online meetings.

What You Need to Know

Understanding how chat works will help you grasp how it delivers those benefits to Fort Worth users. You can also visualize how your team can benefit from this more efficient method of communicating and collaborating.

Here are seven ways chat gets the job done. With chat, your team can:

  1. Achieve full functionality with just their phone. There are no limitations from working on a phone as opposed to the desktop PC or laptop. The full integration with Teams supports the integration with all the files and documents needed to maintain full productivity.
  2. Find messages with Search. Multiple methods of search are built into the Teams chat app. This includes using a person’s name or selecting a keyword or phrase. Just type that in the command box found at the top of the app. Pressing enter quickly returns a list of entries from which you can choose
  3. Format and edit chats before sending them. There is no need to send multiple messages with no formatting. The ability to customize allows your team members to bold, highlight, and underline text. Messages are also more readable when the user chooses to create line breaks and provide text in paragraph form.
  4. Make use of channels. The channels section of Teams includes Posts as its first tab. Any chat message is prominently displayed on this tab for immediate visibility. The fact that replies stay attached to a message allows the thread to maintain continuity for all current and future readers.
  5. Use group or one-on-one conversations. One powerful way chat eliminates emails is the ability to respond quickly to one individual or any size group without cluttering email inboxes. There is no fear of immediate communications being drowned out in the clutter of other emails and traffic.
  6. Focus on chats they deem important. Users can hide and mute chats that do not pertain to their priorities. Instead of deleting conversations, they can stop notifications as desired.
  7. Maintain security. The enterprise security feature of Microsoft Teams carries over to the chat app and ensures that users and their communications are protected.

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