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Customized Network Design, Implementation, and Support Services

Corptek provides top-notch Network Design & Support Services. The demand for network infrastructure continues to increase as new technologies with complex capabilities emerge. Today, you need increasingly higher levels of network availability, performance, and security. That said, making these changes can be complicated and overwhelming.

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Corptek Solutions Inc. Can Help You Build Secure and Scalable IT Networks

The influx of information is resulting in more businesses transitioning from conventional channels of data communication to fiber optic and wireless channels that have speeds of 100GB, have increased capacity, and are scalable. Corptek’s expertise and experience makes us the go-to IT partner for Texas organizations that need network design services.

With over 20 years of experience designing, installing, configuring, and managing various network equipment and systems, we ensure our customers are in a unique position such that they can benefit from cutting-edge networking technologies.

Our deep understanding of wireless, wired, and cloud computing technologies gives us exceptional know-how in the management of data centers, storage/server rooms, LANs, as well as IoT (Internet of Things) applications. We also have experienced personnel and the resources needed to offer comprehensive network engineering services and deliver networking services to businesses of all sizes.

The networks we build are designed to operate seamlessly with your viable IT infrastructure. As such, they not only ensure business continuity but also provide a platform to scale your business.

What Network Design and Support Services Do We Offer Our Clients?

Here is an outline of some of the components of our end-to-end network design solutions:

  • Network Consulting: We advise clients on critical network issues to help them boost productivity and address problems with network infrastructure, such as downtimes.
  • Network Implementation and Staging: We create collaborative network designs and tailor them to your organization’s networking needs.
  • Product Sales: We offer the latest cutting-edge networking software and hardware at competitive prices.
  • Cybersecurity Management: Our cybersecurity experts will help protect your network against the ever-increasing cyber threats.
  • Staff Augmentation With Certified Technicians: We have a dedicated team of network specialists who provide excellent support services that ensure your network is always up and running.

What Viewpoints Do We Focus On When Considering Network Solutions for Our Clients?

Having a solid network infrastructure is crucial to ensuring that your IT network works effectively and efficiently. Among the things we look at when considering network solutions for our clients include:

  • Longevity: We focus on where your business is headed and provide you with a long-term plan to help minimize downtime issues and prevent unexpected upgrade costs.
  • Hardware and Software Requirements: We assess which software is essential for your business and ensure that your network’s hardware and software integrate properly to optimize performance.
  • HIPAA and Security: We conduct an extensive security audit in the planning stages of designing your network to detect and eliminate any vulnerabilities that may interfere with it.
  • Wireless Coverage: We build a custom network design that not only focuses on your network needs but also your office space. We exhaustively assess the logistics and construction of your building to ensure a seamless wireless connection.

What Benefits Do Dallas and Fort Worth Businesses Get From Corptek’s Network Design Solutions?

  • Proactive Network Maintenance: We continuously maintain and patch your network – thereby freeing you to focus on your business goals.
  • Control of Network Operating Costs: When you partner with us, we will help cut down your hardware, software, and general network infrastructure costs, given that we will help you acquire them at competitive prices.
  • Increased Productivity and Performance: Your employees will be more productive when they utilize our network resources to communicate and collaborate.
  • Enhanced Security and Reduced Downtime: We conduct frequent network scans to determine if there are any vulnerabilities on your network. We then take measures to remedy any vulnerabilities found. This helps ensure that your network operates without any issues.

Are you a Fort Worth or Dallas business looking for network design services? Look no further than Corptek Solutions.

We design custom networks that are structured around your budget, needs, and the design of your building. Connect with us to get started.

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