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Do you have a Secure and Scalable IT Network?

The influx of information is forcing more and more companies to transition from traditional modes of data communication to fiber optic and wireless for 100GB speeds, increased capacity, and scalability. Corptek is the knowledgeable and experienced IT partner that Texas companies turn to when it comes to network design.

We put our enterprise customers in a unique position to benefit from cutting-edge networking technologies by utilizing more than 20 years of industry experience installing, configuring and managing all types of network equipment and systems.

Corptek’s thorough understanding of wired, wireless, and cloud computing gives us unparalleled technical know-how in the management of LAN, storage/server rooms, and data centers, as well as MDU and IOT applications. We have the depth of expertise and resources required to provide comprehensive network engineering services, advise on products, and deliver networking services to all sizes of enterprises.

The networks we design will work seamlessly with your viable IT assets, ensuring business continuity while providing a scaffold on which to scale your business.

Our Cutting Edge Network Design Support Services to Businesses

Our end-to-end network design solutions include some of the following components:

  • Implementation and Staging – Collaborative design and deployment of tailored network solutions
  • Network Consulting – Advising on critical network infrastructure issues to minimize downtime and boost productivity
  • Product Sales – Latest in cutting edge networking hardware and software
  • Staff Augmentation with Certified Technicians – Dedicated team of network specialists to support your business
  • Cybersecurity Management – Leveraging Corptek IT security professionals to help protect you against emerging threats to your network

What are the Benefits of Corptek’s Managed Enterprise Design Solutions for Fort Worth Businesses?

Control Network Operating Costs

Reduced hardware, software and general infrastructural costs – including more predictability in capital and ongoing expenses

Proactive Network Maintenance

Continuous monitoring and patching of your network – freeing you to focus on your core business and strategic goals

Reduced Downtime & Enhanced Security

Regular network scans and enhanced protection from malware, intrusions, and viruses – ensuring high network availability and enabling workflow

Increased Productivity & Performance

Utilizing network resources to ensure efficient communication and collaboration – enabling employees to perform at their best

We work collaboratively to provide affordable and scalable networking solutions, whether you need something new, an upgrade to an old network or the expansion of an existing network.

Our innovative network design solutions are tailored to support your internal processes as you move your business into the next level.