Why Partner with Corptek Solutions for Network Installation Services in Dallas & Fort Worth?

One of the most significant challenges network engineers face today is ensuring that network designs provide the reliability and speed your business needs now and in the future. This is why you should only entrust network installation to a professional company that is well versed in the process. The proper design and implementation of your business networks are crucial for infrastructure reliability and stability, performance, and business scalability.

Corptek Solutions is a leading IT systems company that provides network installation and management services in Dallas and Fort Worth. Our clients rely on our IT consultants as a single source for all their network installation, network management, equipment rollout, and a host of other IT solutions.

Network Installation Services in Dallas & Fort Worth

Corptek Solution’s Network Installation Services

When looking for a network installation service provider, you want to work with one that can offer a full range of services. By choosing Corptek, you can trust us to provide:

  • LAN and WAN Network installation services: Corptek Solutions provides custom solutions for LAN and WAN management, monitoring, and optimization. We provide support and installation for data and voice solutions. Apart from taking care of the setup, our technicians will also help you boost system productivity.
  • VPN or Remote Access setup and configuration: With the widespread use of computers and telecommuting, there’s a need for businesses to embrace Virtual Private Networks. Remote Access setups are crucial as they help you establish secure connections between your business networks and other devices connected to the network remotely. The implementation of Remote Access and VPNs can be a challenge if you lack the technical knowledge. Hence, you should entrust the process to professional technicians.
  • Wireless networking services: Corptek Solutions provides you with business-class wireless networking solutions across all wireless technologies, including wireless security, controller-based solutions, and wireless network management. Our wireless networking services are designed to help your business gain increased efficiency through faster data transfer between you and your customers. You will also have cost savings by implementing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. With proper wireless network installation, your employees will enjoy flexibility, better access, and availability.
  • Network security services: We provide network security services to protect your data and network from intrusions, ransomware, and security breaches. This entails hardware and software solutions, processes, configurations, and rules for network use, accessibility, and threat protection. Our services include access control, antivirus and anti-malware software, behavioral analytics, data loss prevention, email security, firewalls, network segmentation, and more.
  • Network maintenance: Your network infrastructure requires various maintenance services, including onsite and remote support and regular visits to establish device health. Our flexible network maintenance services allow you to hand over control as little or as much as you like. This goes a long way in freeing up your internal team for more crucial tasks.
  • Windows Active Directory setup: Having a Windows Active Directory is crucial as it helps you organize your business computers, users, and more. The Active Directory is the tool your IT admin uses to manage your company’s complete hierarchy based on the computers that belong to your network. It also helps them determine the users with access to the storage room, among other crucial functions. We are here to make it easier for you to set up the Active Directory, manage your accounts, and sync values on your Active Directory.
  • Setup for Windows, Mac, Linux, or Unix networking systems: For your company to remain competitive, you need to install the appropriate networking systems or platforms. We offer services in installation and maintenance of all operating systems to ensure your business operations run smoothly.
  • Server and PC setup: Reliable servers and PCs allow your business to streamline operations and help employees focus on revenue-producing work. We offer installation, maintenance, and upgrades of your company servers and computers to give you peace of mind and provide room for business scalability. Our services feature server hardware and security equipment and private internet connections.
  • Data cabling and other low voltage cabling services: Our cabling services include cable system design, installation, and integration over the spectrum of data, voice, audio and video technologies, and electronic safety and security. We have built a reputation for professional cable installations with a responsive and common-sense approach to problem-solving. Our team is well-equipped with the resources, expertise, and experience to handle all your cabling requirements.

You can also reach out to us for cloud services, internet access, internet security, and services in network connection.

Why Partner with Corptek Solutions for Network Installation Services?

The foundation to a reliable and robust network infrastructure lies in evaluating the kind of Network Installation company to partner with. If you don’t use the correct network typologies from the start, your business risks running into subsequent problems in the years to come. To avoid this from happening, you can choose to partner with Corptek Solutions. We are your preferred choice for Network Installation services because we offer:

  • Cost-efficient services: Instead of allocating full-time internal resources to get your projects done, save yourself the costs by leveraging our certified technicians when and where you need them.
  • One central touchpoint: All it takes is one call for you to get skilled, experienced, and professional technicians dispatched to your site. With Corptek Solutions as your reliable partner, you never have to juggle multiple vendor relationships.
  • Room for scalability: When your business needs to scale, we are here to grow with you.
  • Reliable services: Whenever you have issues with your IT and network infrastructure, Corptek Solutions is your go-to solution provider. Our IT professionals own every issue you hand over to them and will see it through to resolution.
  • 5-star support: We take pride in being the pillar you can lean on, as far as your business IT needs are concerned. We commit ourselves to walk with you through your business journey as your problem solvers.

Whether you want to install a new network system, upgrade your existing network infrastructure, or install a security system, Corptek Solutions has the right solution and resources to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation on our Network Installation services.