Remote Backup

Don’t Lose Valuable Data…EVER!

Expect the unexpected! According to Garter Group (2005), 50% of Small Businesses that experience a major data failure will go under. Don’t let this happen to you!

Can you withstand a sudden loss of your most critical data? Corptek Solutions Remote Backup Solutions keeps your most value-able business data safe and secure in our type 4 data centers right here in Texas.

With solutions for remote users, Servers, and even SAN to SAN replication, Corptek Solutions Remote Backups Solutions help protect you from losing your data on a continuous and managed basis.

Gain peace of mind by eliminating or drastically reducing your dependency on tapes, with the knowledge and confidence that your data is secure and available anytime you need it.

Remote Backup Workstation includes:

Data Backup
  • Secure Internet Backup to Private Cloud
  • 10 GB CITS Remote Backup Workstation Storage
  • Automated & Scheduled Backups of User Data
  • Basic Remediation & Support

Remote Backup Server includes:

  • Secure Internet Backup to Private Cloud
  • 100 GB CITS Remote Backup Server Storage
  • Automated & Scheduled Backups of Server Data
  • Basic Remediation & Support

SAN to SAN Replication includes:

  • Secure Tunnel For Point to Point Replication
  • Per U SAN Hosting Service
  • Basic Remediation & Support
  • Up to Full Disaster Recovery Site for Emergency Use