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Is Your Small Business Threatened? – Find Out with an IT Security Assessment.

As we move into a world that has more and more information stored on computers, small businesses can find themselves the victims of increasingly sophisticated security breaches.

According to the Verizon DBIR 2018 report, 58% of malware attack victims are on small businesses. The CSR Small & Medium-sized Business Report shows that the number of small businesses reporting attacks is rising dramatically each year.

Attacks range from stealing customer data and pulling credit card information to holding a company digitally hostage until the bad guys are paid off. Small businesses that are not taking precautions find themselves falling victim to attacks that were, in many cases, preventable in the first place.

What Can I Do?

To begin, we recommend having an IT Security Assessment completed. We offer these IT Security Assessments with minimal disruption to your employees and workflow. Upon completion, we will provide a complete summary of reports detailing any vulnerabilities and a roadmap to resolve them.

What is Included?

  • Security Risk Report – This overall report gives the broad strokes of any risks and vulnerabilities we find in security scans.
  • Shared Permission Report – A file detailing which computers, users, and groups, have access to what devices and files – along with any potential vulnerabilities associated with their level of access.
  • User Permissions Analysis – A list of each user’s permissions showing exactly what a person can access.
  • Policy Assessment – A review of the policies currently in place – both on your local network and on individual machines.
  • External Vulnerabilities – Our most comprehensive report that includes known security holes, accessibility issues, warnings, and information to help you make better network security decisions and keep your company safe.

What Do I Do After My Assessment?

Once we’ve provided our report, we will include a roadmap to address the vulnerabilities found. Don’t worry, with our IT Security Assessment we will help guide you and answer any questions along the way.

We strive to keep our assessments as painless and brief as possible. Most are completed within a few weeks of the initial engagement, depending on the level of complexity involved.

How Do I Stay Safe?

Once the necessary changes are in place, we recommend having regularly scheduled security assessments to ensure that your policies are up to date. The current standard is an assessment every two years. If you happen to update any major software or hardware pieces, we recommend following that up with an assessment as well to ensure that no new breaches have occurred with permissions or installations.

Are IT Security Assessments Right for Me?

We are constantly researching and analyzing new attacks and vulnerabilities to keep our IT Security Assessment service up to date. Our assessments are to a very high standard. We strive to provide not just the best service but also the most interruption-free process – so you and your business can continue on smoothly.

These days, good policy and practice go a long way to providing peace of mind when it comes to IT security.

As more and more companies increase their defenses the pool of easy targets will continue to shrink. Don’t let your company be easy pickings.