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How Good is Your Mobile Data Security Strategy?

Corptek’s SimplySecure Management System is a web-based management tool that will give you the functionality to remotely secure vulnerable mobile devices with customizable reports of device risks/conditions. This all-in-one system will keep you from having to buy any additional equipment to manage the security of your mobile devices.

Let SimplySecure take care of all your mobile security needs.

Mobile devices are becoming a thing of necessity for almost any business today. From phones to tablets to PCs, they are all necessary devices.

But what are you doing to make sure those devices are safe, and the information within them stays private?

The SimplySecure Management System is a single, configurable, web-based management tool allowing you to remotely secure the vulnerable mobile devices in your organization, including those devices owned by employees.

Built for iPhone and iPads, Android phones and tablets, Windows and Mac PCs, and USB storage, SimplySecure modules can be added instantaneously to your account/web console as you need them.

How Does SimplySecure Protect Your Phones and Tablets?

While most phones and tablets can be used for personal use, they also can be used for work. And when that’s the case, those devices become vulnerable to a breach of information. Whether it be email or documents, a lot of that information can be found on most phones and tablets today.

What happens to that data if one of those devices is lost or stolen?

SimplySecure to the rescue!

Encryption, application management, password enforcement, device tracking and data elimination are some of the capabilities that are at your disposal – accessed via the same, single, easy to operate policy management console that we use to manage all your phones, PCs and other devices.

How Does SimplySecure Protect PCs and MACS?

As much as people rely on phones and tablets in today’s business world, computers are still the most prevalent equipment used by an employee. These devices also contain the most sensitive data for your company.

That’s why there are encryption regulations put in place for companies.

SimplySecure can help you stay compliant.

Managed from the same console as other mobile devices, SimplySecure PC layers an intelligent engine on top of encryption built into the operating systems of all PCs, so the user burdens are wiped away. Plus, Corptek’s tool can instantly remove user access to data and uses a patented method to immediately restore the data by pushing one button on the SimplySecure Management Console. – This is true for both PCs and MACS.

Why Should I Secure my USB Devices?

Even though the threat of data lost through USB devices such as flash drives may not seem as prevalent, losing that information can be just as harmful.

Some flash drives can carry up to four times more data than most iPads, and it’s much smaller, so a USB device is easier to lose or misplace.

SimplySecure USB Storage can be applied to any flash drive, from any manufacturer – even after it has been initialized by the user.

Data is compartmentalized, so family reunion photos can safely and happily coexist on the same drive as your encrypted company financials. It can also be set up only to allow reading of the drive by certain employees, or in certain circumstances (e.g., with an Internet connection), across a defined grouping of PCs.