Business-Driven IT Plans | Fort Worth, TX

Your IT strategy should be an intrinsic part of operations. Find out the main components of the best IT strategy in Fort Worth, TX from Corptek Solutions.  

IT plans of years past are often lacking, which leads modern-day business owners struggling to keep up in an era where digital technology reigns. Unfortunately, failure to find a steady foothold often leads business owners to neglect the importance of IT strategy. Only 29 percent of business leaders would deem their IT strategies as either practical or very effective.

According to a recent interview published by CIO from IDG Communications with Brad Strock, which is the CIO of PayPal:

“Given the growing importance of technology in every business, technology organizations must have clear strategic direction and priorities that are closely linked to the business strategy,”

Creating a business-driven plan for 2020 involves perfect strategy, a great verse in modern technology, and typically the aid of an IT solutions company that knows what they’re doing. Here is a look at the integral parts of a strategic IT plan that has business operations at its core.

Strategic IT Planning In Fort Worth Texas

Start with the Overall Strategy of Your Business

No matter what type of IT plan you have for your Fort Worth organization, it is critical that it is deeply entwined with the strategic plan for the business. If the two strategies do not align, everything will be out of step for the coming months. For instance, a healthcare business may have a new goal of focusing on the quality of care and not quantity or volume of patients treated. In this case, the strategic IT plan that goes in place must support that goal, even if that means significant technological changes have to happen to accommodate the change.

Focus On Swift Plan Development

Details are useful, and your IT plan should be well thought out. However, never allow a plan to be an idle thing that takes months to create. Too much can change in the world of technology and the world of business. You want a plan that encompasses as much as possible, but if there are small details, they can always be worked out later on. You want an excellent outcome-based plan, but the roadmap you create can have some fill-in points along the way that is perfectly OK.

Focus the IT Strategy for the Near Future and Not Forever

You will find a lot of IT solutions providers that claim they will build you a long-term IT plan that will flex and change with your business for as long as it needs to. Yes, flexibility in your IT strategy is essential, but planning for forever is practically impossible in the modern world of technology. Your focus really should be on mid-term objectives or points. For example, consider how you want your plan to cater to your business for the next year or year and a half.

Define Goals That Can Be Measured in Metrics

You need to know that your IT strategy is doing what it should for your business, and the best way to do that is with mile markers in place that show you things are working out well. Think about business agendas and outcomes you want to see that happen as a result of the IT strategy. For example, if you’re going to see overall customer satisfaction rates improve thanks to the implementation of a new helpdesk feature on your website, this is a metric that would be easy to measure with time.

Get Help with Your IT Strategy in Fort Worth, TX

A tried-and-true IT plan that is strategized around the way a business works is going to support the company as a whole. If you need help with your IT strategic plan, reach out to Corptek Solutions in Fort Worth, TX. Corptek Solutions provides upscale managed IT support, which includes helpdesk solutions, security assessments, network design and encryption, and more to businesses of all sizes in both Dallas and Fort Worth.