Switching IT Companies In Frisco TX Is Easy

Covid-19 devastated countless lives and communities all over the world, and the Lone Star State was particularly hard hit by the virus. Many business operations were disrupted and one of those chaotic categories was internet services.

Exorbitant pricing, patchy connections, and overloaded bandwidth prohibited many commercial entities from running smoothly — especially during a time where virtual communication and operation was vital to sustaining and surviving. All of a sudden, you may have placed IT companies in Frisco were under necessary scrutiny. Was it working for you and, if not, what would be a more viable solution?

You’re a savvy consumer. You know what you want and what you need. You’re not a fool. So, trust your instincts. If it didn’t seem right, it probably wasn’t, and it’s time for a change. Fortunately, switching IT Companies in Frisco is easy. But is it truly necessary? Let’s look at the facts.

IT Solutions Impacted By Covid-19

As we get back to “normal” and reopen businesses, the influx of questions about reliable Internet services and solutions is tremendous. If shutting down proved anything, it was that in-place IT solutions were not up to snuff and needed an overhaul. Here’s why:

Amplified Need Exhausted IT Resources

During the onset of the pandemic, social distancing was mandatory. Without the ability to physically connect, an unprecedented need for internet connection became a fast reality. Yet, when everyone goes after the same resources, shortage happens. For many, in-place IT solutions suffered this fate. IT companies couldn’t sustain the needs of existing customers. According to a March 2020 report from Vanderbilt University Medical Center, increased internet use was an inevitable wrench in the virtual machine. Interruptions to IT access was inevitable because everyone needed it.

The Fear Became Reality

While many predicted dysfunctional IT access, the fear manifested into truth and became an ugly reality for many in Frisco. Findings from The Pew Research Center, a national think tank, found that 93 percent of Americans dreaded IT disruptions as being a hugely negative contribution to their daily lives. The study, conducted between March 19 and the 24th, also confirmed that 75 percent of people during the current pandemic’s onset used the internet to communicate, as well as research Covid-19. When basic communication is affected, businesses can’t operate efficiently on the most essential levels. So, what can you do about it?

Navigating IT Issues During Covid-19 and Beyond

Curtailing IT disruptions may call for “creative” solutions. You could:

  • Limit Overall Use of Company IT-based Resources
  • Restrict IT Access to Specific Times
  • Relegate Virtual Use to Specific Entities and Employees

Each of these potential avenues could thwart service disruptions, but each also compromises full productivity for your business. Why bother with restrictions that you really don’t need? There IS a better solution.

Use a Managed IT Services Company

Utilizing the services of a managed IT company is literally built to address these types of issues. You work hard to run the daily operations of a business, which includes a lot more than IT. You deal with people, customers, products, and a host of other arenas for what it takes for a company to be successful. IT-based services are a tool to help your business function. Managed IT service companies are the golden key to optimizing that part of your business. Don’t cut back or take unnecessary shortcuts. Trust your instincts and get in touch with us right away.