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Nature and anything outdoors is where I belong, I always have a project going on and take every opportunity to further my skills in life! A challenge is something I like to take on with a level head and enthusiasm. I like working on cars and driving fast, as your onsite technician I look forward to seeing you!


I am the founder and CEO of Corptek Solutions. When not working I enjoy coaching my 13-year-old daughter in softball and spending weekends at tournaments. Softball Life!! When not involved in softball I like to play golf (if you call it playing! Lol), fishing, and working around the house.


As a versatile Remote Technician, I handle a wide array of technical challenges that can be resolved without onsite visits. My expertise spans computer repair, with a particular focus on Apple and Linux systems.


I grew up in the Dallas area, while as a kid I fell in love with the game of football. Eventually I was blessed enough to play football in college as well. Currently I have a growing family but when I am not with them, I like to play Golf and video games in my spare time. Also I enjoy coaching my son’s sports teams and experiencing sports and life from a point of view as a father.


Hello my name is Marcus. I own a 1989 Mitsubishi Starion and this has helped me fall in love with classic cars and working on them. On my free time I like to chill at home and play videogames, go outside and play volleyball in leagues or with friends, and I am the type of guy to stop on the side of the road to help others in need.


I am the co-founder and CTO of Corptek Solutions. I am a husband to a loving wife and father to five amazing kids. I am a taxi, an encourager and the wallet to their homeschool, Taekwondo and musical endeavors.


As the Operations Manager for Corptek since 2007, I bring over a decade of experience in overseeing and optimizing organizational processes to ensure efficiency and productivity. My role involves strategizing and implementing operational initiatives that align with Corptek Solutions goals and values.


I’m usually the one you talk to when you call in. When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time on my farm. I have 3 fur babies. Pearl my Great Pyrenees, Rufus my Australian shepherd and my beagle Trigger. We also have cows. It’s such a relaxing place. I enjoy family time.


I am a dynamic professional in the Managed IT services industry, balancing roles as both an Account Manager and Director of Marketing. I expertly taylor IT solutions for clients while developing effective marketing strategies to showcase mycompany’s services. Outside of work, I am an avid Dallas Stars fan and enjoy unwinding with video games.


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