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Rapid Response with Corptek Threat Respond

Corptek Threat Respond is a SIEM – Security Information and Event Management software – that provides real-time analysis and security alerts that could be triggered by the applications and network hardware of your business. Specifically tailored towards small and medium-sized organizations, Corptek Threat Respond is designed to comply with a wide array of regulatory and compliance standards to protect your network from cyber attack.

Our low setup costs and ease of use make us a great solution whether you have an existing SIEM solution or not. Once you’re up and running, you’ll be under the protection of our 24/7 advanced IT security team who will monitor and respond to any threats or suspicious behavior quickly and effectively.

Does My Business Need a SIEM Like Corptek Threat Respond?

While some businesses don’t have a need for round the clock technology security, any business that stores personal client data, credit card information, health information, product development information, or other critical data, must begin considering 24/7 technology security.

Our monitoring system tracks events and generates reports for compliance purposes, keeping you and your organization safe. We take the stress and worry of wondering if you’re secure away and let you focus on what matters – running your business.

What is Included in Corptek’s SIEM Offering?

  • Log Collection – Logs and events are kept with data about critical network security and network border device information.
  • Analytics – An easy to use dashboard quickly and clearly displays key operational and security indicators.
  • Threat Intelligence – Worldwide real-time threat signatures and intelligence are gathered to quickly identify any indicators of the potential compromise of your systems.
  • Monthly Reports – A brief and easy to follow monthly report discusses any potential vulnerabilities and updates on your assets.
  • Server and Service Availability – Monitor the uptime and reporting of your services and servers for availability in real time.
  • File Integrity – Track user access and activity to detect any potential security exposures coming from rootkits, rogue processes, and the modification of critical configuration files.
  • Network Intrusion Detection – Any threats targeting your vulnerable systems are tracked and caught with our signature-based anomaly detection and analysis. This identifies any new malware infections, system compromise attempts, policy violations, and more.
  • Vulnerability Scans & Assessments – Regularly scheduled scans track any new vulnerabilities related to policies and networked assets. This keeps an eye on anything from new product installation and software configuration errors to unauthorized software installation and insecure devices on your network.
  • Compliance Reports – Your monitoring and reporting requirements are made easy with compliance to the following: PCI-DSS, SOX, GLB, CJIS, HIPAA, NERC CIP, FISMA, and ISO 27001.
  • Data Retention – All relevant tickets, alerts, notes, and logs are available to you at any time. We store this information for up to seven years for use as evidence of your compliance to the most rigid of security standards.