What Is The Dark Web?

It is a vast secret cyber underworld, and people aren’t using it to buy candies. Commonly known as the epicenter of illegal online activities, the dark web is sinister and almost untraceable.

You must be familiar with the Silk Road, or at least its history. The online marketplace was the go-to place for buying all sorts of illegal things with absolute anonymity. Well, the dark web is part of something bigger, and its consequences are far deadlier.

Here is a snippet of what you need to know about the dark web:

The “deep web” is often used interchangeably with the “dark web,” but the two aren’t one thing.

The Dark Web Vs. The Deep Web

When you navigate the internet using standard search engines like Google or Yahoo, what you see is just the iceberg’s tip. Your search engines cannot index most (90%) of the World Wide Web; this part is known as the deep web. Some people call it the invisible/hidden web. Technically, even your email services form part of the deep web.

If you thought that the dark web is the deep web, you are not that far from the truth. Why? Because the dark web is found within the deep web, it is only used for illegal activities.

Contrary to popular belief, the deep web is extensively used for healthy online transactions. It may surprise you that the dark web receives most of its funding from the United States Federal Government.

To understand why the U.S. government would finance such a cybersecurity threat, you may want to look into some history…

What Is The Origin Of The Dark Web?

Originally, it was a creation of the U.S. Navy. The sole purpose was to monitor websites from different countries without being noticed. It was also very practical in facilitating anonymous communication with foreign sources.

After some time, however, the Navy got concerned about their web traffic being watched and analyzed. They then thought that opening it to the public would alleviate any suspicions. Besides, having many people on the platform meant that it would be difficult to pinpoint individual users.

This action served its purpose but brought with it a plethora of unforeseen drawbacks. Many people saw an ideal avenue for executing illicit online deals. Given its open nature, it is almost impossible to trace these transactions. And so, the government is faced with the burden of trying to regulate its creation.

But, is it just the government that needs to worry? No, it turns out that businesses face even more significant risks.

Why Does Your Company Need To Be Concerned About The Dark Web?

  • Many People Do Not Know it Exists: Who hasn’t heard of the dark web? Well, hearing about it is one thing – and knowing how it can be used to exacerbate data breaches is another. Data from Switchfast reveals that up to 26% of SMB employees don’t know what the dark web is. Some organizations only notice that they were compromised after their data has been bought and used elsewhere.
  • Your Private Data Is up for Grabs by the Highest Bidder: Besides using the dark web to breach your networks, hackers can also use the platform to resell your customers’ information. The modern-day end-user is very sensitive to how you use the data they trust you with. If details like credit card credentials land on the wrong hands, your users risk identity thefts. You should also be ready for protracted lawsuits and a dented public image.
  • Accessing the Dark Web Exposes Your Company to More Threats: Trying to search the dark web for stolen credentials is no walk in the park. The platform is chaotic and erratic. Its websites constantly rewrite their addresses to prevent being tracked. If you are not an expert in such matters, manually navigating the dark web to retrieve your data endangers your networks even further.

How Can You Stay Safe From The Dark Web?

The solution to cybersecurity threats has always been one – deliberate proactive preparation. Every business is a potential target, but not all are adequately prepared.

Knowing the risks you face, you should be ready to avert them in two main fronts:

  1. Deploy Dark Web Monitoring and Response Software: Every time you experience a breach, there are higher chances that the hackers will try to sell your data on the dark web market. Leverage the available dark web monitoring tools to alert you whenever any company-related information is posted for sale in such dumpsites, bins, or marketplaces. This helps you identify breaches that you may not have noticed. Besides, it shortens the response time and minimizes the damage.
  2. Regularly Train Your Staff on the Dark Web Cybersecurity Issues: Your employees are your first defense line. With proper training and exercises, you could eliminate up to 84% of breaches.

Do not underestimate the danger posed by the dark web. For any queries or help with deploying dark web monitoring tools, reach out to Corptek. Our team will not only help you implement the software but also ensure your company is at the forefront of emerging security measures.

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