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In August 2019, 20 local governments were brought down by a coordinated ransomware attack, according to the Texas Department of Information Resources. The attacks impacted 23 state-run services, such as libraries and police departments, infected with file-encrypting malware. Attackers were demanding $2.5 million in ransom to release the systems but reportedly haven’t been paid.

The attacks were investigated by the DIR, with help from Texas A&M University and the Texas Military Department. The attacks left local governments unable to process credit card payments and posed a threat to the private data of thousands of residents.

Why Do Cybercriminals Attack Companies via Ransomware?

Ransomware attacks are computer viruses initiated to elicit payment in exchange for returning stolen data. Hackers have targeted municipalities with this method of extortion in recent years. Digital intruders hack into the organizations’ firewalls and leave behind malicious code. Later, they exploit weaknesses in outdated cyber defenses and shut down access to computers or databases.

Users are asked to pay the data and equipment hijackers to access their equipment. Usually, payment is requested in Bitcoin, an untraceable blockchain currency. This lets hackers conduct complex intrusions from the safety of their living room anywhere in the world.

Other Cities Impacted by Ransomware Attacks?

In the most high-profile municipal hack of the year, Baltimore governments were crippled by hackers for more than a month. Although hackers only demanded $76,000, the city spent $18 million to recover its files forensically. The FBI advises businesses and governments against paying anything to ransomware criminals. However, some companies choose to do so rather than deal with the public fallout of a data breach.

Payoffs let organizations continue operations without damaging their reputations. Compliance with the extortion demands lets businesses attempt to track the hackers behind the scene, without compromising user data.

Cybersecurity Ventures reported that 2018 ransomware attacks cost businesses and organizations $11.5 billion globally.

Can a Security Assessment Protect My Business from Cyberattacks?

Corptek offers security assessments to uncover weaknesses in your company’s systems. This lets us work with your team to put the appropriate defenses in place, such as:

  • Security Risk Report to provide the broad strokes of any of the vulnerabilities uncovered in the assessment.
  • Shared Permission Report details users, computers, and groups with access to files and devices along with threats associated with various levels of access.
  • User Permissions Analysis shows what each person can access.
  • Policy Assessment reviews current policies for your local network and each device.
  • External Vulnerabilities with comprehensive data on known security gaps, warnings, and information to guide security decisions.

How Can Corptek Protect Your Organization from Cyberattacks?

Corptek has delivered reliable IT services to businesses in Dallas-Fort Worth for two decades and 98% of our clients have chosen us again and again.

We provide network monitoring, alerts, and reporting as well as:

  • Critical infrastructure
  • Network
  • Internet of things
  • Cloud
  • Application

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