Employees Productive Working From Home (Insights/Information)

The Covid-19 pandemic has generated renewed interest in remote work. Millions of employees are now working from home as part of social distancing measures to combat coronavirus. Small and large enterprises are beginning to notice and embrace several benefits associated with the remote work culture. As a result, they are extending the work at home option to personnel even as authorities lift restrictions.

Economic incentives are contributing to the shift in policies. Reports show that working remotely reduces the costs of monitoring an employee. According to Global Workplace Analytics, companies can spend approximately $7 a month to monitor one staff member.

This figure translates to annual savings of up to $11,000 in reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, and office infrastructure costs. Before the coronavirus health crisis, approximately 3.6 percent of American workers performed their duties from home. Now, the number has risen significantly.

Increased Productivity

Recent research studies revealed that, on average, remote personnel works up to 1.4 extra days every month compared to employees working from an office environment. Most remote workers maximize productivity by establishing a delicate work-life balance. They regularly take breaks from work to stay refreshed and focused. Taking short breaks allows workers to decompress.

Working from home increases productivity by eliminating daily commutes and may lead to healthier lifestyles. The flexibility creates a win-win situation for both employers and staff members. A study conducted by Lenovo showed that roughly 63 percent of remote workers noticed an improvement in productivity when working from home than at the office.’

The study involved more than 20,000 professionals from different parts of the world. On the other hand, increased interest in remote working has spotlighted technologies that bolster productivity and cybersecurity. Many firms are also turning to managed IT service providers like Corptek Solutions in Fort Worth, TX, to handle the technological needs of working from home.

Work From Home Technologies

Investing in the right technologies is a critical aspect of productive remote working. Thus, employers need to assess their workers’ needs before implementing the work at home strategy. The ideal technologies help improve collaboration, communication, employee monitoring, security, and productivity.

Here are some essential technologies for working from home.

Top-tier Collaboration Applications

Providing access to the best collaboration or communication tools enables your employees to work from home more efficiently. The ideal applications handle video conferences, chat, email, voice calls, and messaging. Remote workers require a simple way to communicate and share files without worrying about data protection.

Some of the collaboration tools available on the market enable managers to monitor activities. Many firms rely on platforms like Microsoft 365, G Suite, and Slack to communicate and collaborate. These platforms help maximize productivity, thus enabling work from home teams to make a meaningful contribution to the organization’s growth.

Dedicated Workstations

Encouraging remote employees to use dedicated workstations is one way to boost productivity. This approach reduces distractions, thus keeping workers focused on their day-to-day work-related tasks. Some organizations are offering employees incentives to create an appropriate home office environment with secure workstations. By relying on dedicated IT equipment, workers also maximize security and data protection.

Cloud Services

Cloud services are essential when planning to implement a work at home strategy. They provide access to secure off-site storage solutions. Your remote employees benefit from cloud-based storage by accessing files and collaborating from any location in real-time. This solution is cost-effective, convenient, and scalable.

A managed IT service provider like Corptek Solutions, can help your company maximize the benefits of cloud services. Working with a vendor makes it easier to handle data migration, configuring user access, data backups, and securing your data. Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure are examples of leading cloud service providers.


Hackers are taking advantage of increased remote collaboration and communication to compromise data security. The bad actors exploit inadequate data protection measures and network security to gain access to sensitive information. In some cases, cybercriminals identify vulnerabilities in applications to disrupt day-to-day operational activities.

Cybersecurity experts at Corptek recommend implementing user aware awareness programs for teams, including remote staff members. In doing so, your organization mitigates risks associated with remote collaboration. To improve security, ensure that work at home employees use secure devices with up to date antivirus programs, firewalls, and operating systems.

Strong passwords provide an additional layer of protection when looking for an effective way to reinforce cybersecurity for remote work. Experts also recommend using Wi-Fi encryption and a virtual private network (VPN) to protect sensitive data. The failure to implement and enforce robust cybersecurity policies compromises the viability of the business.

Breaches can cause costly disruptions to the productivity of personnel working from home and at the office. Remote staff should embrace IT security practices even in the home office environment to avoid compromising the company’s future. Leaving home workstations or devices unattended for lengthy periods can create risks. Hence, the need to educate workers to adopt a security-first approach.

Why Choose Corptek Solutions

Founded in 2005, Corptek Solutions helps businesses in Fort Worth, TX, and beyond leverage the best technology to achieve strategic business objectives. The vendor takes a holistic approach to IT support to ensure positive results for clients. It serves clients in various industries, including retail, finance, automotive, real estate, healthcare, and hospitality.

The firm’s core services include managed IT services, help desk support, IT security, outsourced IT department, and consulting. Its team of tech experts has many years of experience handling security assessments with limited disruption to clients’ day-to-day operations.

Clients receive a comprehensive report covering security risk, user permissions analysis, and external vulnerabilities. Additionally, the vendor performs penetration testing, vulnerability scans, and real-time monitoring.

You can count on the vendor to help your team maximize productivity by leveraging apps that form part of Microsoft 365. In the end, your remote teams work more efficiently and securely using apps like PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Outlook.

Help desk support provided by Corptek has many benefits for your organization, including cost savings, improved security, minimized downtime, and increased efficiency. With the managed IT service, you assign the responsibility of managing your IT infrastructure to Corptek. In turn, your organization takes advantage of predictable pricing plans and professional technical support.

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