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Tips to Help You Prepare for the Coronavirus

Does the idea of a Coronavirus outbreak in your area freak you out? Our team at Corptek Solutions has put together this list of COVID-19 tips to help you out.  

Does the news of the coronavirus have you freaked out? All over the country, people are buying up hand sanitizer and stockpiling paper towels as major quarantines hit cities hard. But the truth is that there is not much to fear if you have a proper mindset and do just the right amount of work ahead of time. Here are a few of our top tips to help you deal with the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Tip #1: Remember Basic Hygiene

The first tip we have for you is to remember basic hygiene. While we understand that this is everywhere in the news, it is worth reminding you to wash your hands, cover your mouth with a tissue or your elbow when you sneeze, and stay home if you feel any possible symptoms of illness. The World Health Organization also suggests maintaining a social distance of at least six feet when talking with individuals out in public. Stay home when you can and try to limit any gatherings to less than the recommended ten people.

Tip #2: Stockpile Some Necessary Items

Next, it is crucial to stockpile certain necessary items for your family. USA Today has a great list to consider that includes basic food staples and household items for at least two weeks. They also remind individuals to store up on any prescription medications, pet food, feminine supplies, disinfectant/cleaners or other items that might be necessary during a quarantine. However, don’t go overboard here. Remember to keep things appropriate and leave some for others who might need them more, such as families with children and seniors.

Tip #3: Work from Home If You Can

Try to work from home if you can. Make precise arrangements for how much time you should be working each day and what assignments you should complete. Attempt to stay in communication with your team, even if it is just through a chat app or through Skype or Zoom video calls. In some cases, this might mean having to talk to your IT team to allow data or platform access from home internet. (HINT: Corptek Solutions can help with this!)

Tip #4: Monitor Yourself for Symptoms

It is also important to monitor yourself for symptoms of COVID-19. Remember, a lot of the symptoms of the coronavirus mimic those of the common cold or the regular old nasty flu. However, some of the significant symptoms like fever are more pronounced with the coronavirus. LiveScience has an excellent detailed list of things to look out for if you feel you might be coming down with the illness.

Tip #5: Sign Up for Telemedicine Service

Going to the doctor for treatment and spreading your germs to others isn’t a good idea during the coronavirus emergency. Instead, see if you qualify for telemedicine services. This is where a real doctor does a video chat with you to determine primary symptoms and can even submit prescriptions to your local pharmacy. There are apps you can download and pay for, but most major health insurance companies now offer this for free as a bonus. And with this current health crisis, more and more general health practitioners and doctor’s offices are offering this service on their own if you call in and tell them you’re interested.

Tip #6: If You Do End Up Quarantined, Take Advantage of It

When was the last time you were told to stay home and relax? To spend time with your family without being in a hurry to make it to the office or soccer practice with the kids or somewhere else? The critical thing to remember if you do end up quarantined is to take advantage of it. If you aren’t able to work from home, spend that extra time dusting off those family board games or binge-watching that show on Netflix you’ve wanted to see for months. Catch up on that book on your bedside table you’ve wanted to read. The coronavirus might be scary, but at least we’re getting something as a society we don’t always have the chance—the ability to rest at home with our families without much interruption.


The truth is that the coronavirus is spreading and this is a terrifying time for everyone. But there’s no need to panic. Keeping the above tips in mind will not only allow you to get through the process without getting sick, it can also help you maintain a positive mindset about the possibility of such a widespread pandemic.

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