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Technology has evolved since the days of break/fix IT, and the current reality is that most in-house IT departments aren’t well-equipped to keep up with the rapid pace of innovation. Organizations that still depend on their in-house teams find their IT reactive rather than proactive. As a result, more and more businesses are seeking to gain an edge by outsourcing the services of managed IT providers.

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Corptek Solutions Offers Premium Managed IT Services for Dallas and Fort Worth Businesses

Our full-range managed IT support services provide real-time assistance for various IT issues, including downtime, system failures, and more. Our IT professionals have the experience to fix various IT problems and get your business up and running in no time.

Corptek is your Dallas/Fort Worth managed service provider (MSP) that does it all. Our comprehensive managed IT service evaluates your network from the inside out to remedy any vulnerabilities and provide you with technical IT support.

What Corptek Managed IT Services Can Do for You

Our outsourced IT team is responsible for handling technology-reliant functions and processes of your business. We’ll handle all of your IT needs proactively – ensuring that everything runs seamlessly. Our comprehensive managed IT services include security assessment, data security, network design, IT management and maintenance, operational monitoring, and help desk services. We’ll assume the full responsibility of maintaining the performance of your IT infrastructure in return for a monthly fee.

With our IT experts taking care of your IT needs, you will have more time to focus on your business’s core goals – rather than spend time chasing down IT fix-it guys to repair yet another problem with your network.

Benefits of Using Our Managed IT Services for Your Dallas/Fort Worth Business’s IT Support Needs

  • Round-the-clock support: With 24/7 monitoring provided by our IT experts, you can feel confident that you have the technical support you need whenever you need it. This means that any issues, including a data breach, can be addressed promptly.
  • Customized systems, vendors, and software: Our managed IT services provide customized solutions that streamline your network, thereby improving its performance. We can provide custom software solutions and scale them to meet your current needs. This will ensure flexibility in the growth of your business. Through real-time support and proactive network monitoring, we can determine custom IT software for small, medium, and large businesses. The customized solutions will help you achieve integration across your entire network, thereby streamlining your business.
  • Data protection and network security: Our end-to-end encryption will ensure security throughout your network. Additionally, our data protection solutions will save and store encrypted data in order to achieve redundant protection. This means that even if your onsite backup is corrupted or damaged, your data will still be safe.
  • Enhanced productivity and streamlined business operations: We will help you with everything from strategic goal planning and building of objective budgets to change management.
  • Consultation and advisory services: We’ll research industry compliance requirements, assist you in setting long-term goals, and address the prevailing challenges.

How Much Does Managed IT Cost?

How much managed IT services cost depends on two factors:

  • Level of services you wish to outsource: Basic monitoring will cost less compared to extra services like cloud computing and cybersecurity.
  • Size of your infrastructure: The more the number of IT infrastructure, such as desktops and servers, the higher the cost of the IT services.

Keep Your Dallas/Ft. Worth Business Running Effectively With Managed IT Services

Something as simple as a server shutting down can bring down your entire IT infrastructure. Would you be willing to risk losing your customers and tarnishing your reputation over an IT issue that could cripple your operations? Corptek IT support professionals can offer you a simple yet effective alternative that will ensure that you avoid such a predicament.

Our managed IT services will help ensure that your network is functioning at optimum levels, your employees are getting the support they need, and your business operations are streamlined.

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