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What is it Like to Have Corptek as Your IT Support Partner?

Okay, so it all begins when you give us a call or send us an email.

And…drumroll please.

An actual IT specialist answers the phone or your email!

Instantly, you know that you’re not dealing with one of those cut-rate IT support companies that push all their work and answering service to an offshore call center.

We do everything locally.

So, after we pick up the phone or answer your email, it’s time for us to stop by your location, meet you, and give you some more information, so you can make the best decision for your company.

Onboarding – What Are the First Steps?

When we come to meet you, we’ll do a free network assessment of your IT environment.

What are we looking for?

Well, we want to see what kind of shape your IT systems are in and what it will take to get them to a place where we can maintain them effectively and efficiently.

From that initial network assessment, we will provide you with a Client Risk Report. It’ll show you where your systems are now and where the trouble spots are.

From there, we’ll submit a network management plan – based on hours/materials – to get your systems up to standard.

Once that remediation stage is complete, we’ll be in a position to present some options for ongoing IT support, maintenance, monitoring, and security.

When you have had time to review our proposal and sign a contract, we’ll begin to deploy our tools throughout your systems to ensure ongoing dependability and security.

Relationships – Keeping a Client

Why do our clients stay with us?

Sure, we’re good at what we do.

But you know that there are half a dozen IT support companies around that are good at their jobs.

The Corptek difference?

We hire techs for their personality AND their IT skillset.

We know that you don’t want some grouch with no social skills in your office toying with your computers and irritating your staff.

Our technicians are as comfortable talking to you about last night’s football game or your kid’s little league tournament as they are in discussing technology.

But it’s not all about personality, right?

The technicians have to deliver the goods — and we do.

Our IT specialists are most concerned with how technology helps your business operate.

We’ll give you the information you need to make executive IT-impacted decisions, and we’ll work within your budget to help discover the IT support, hardware, and software options that will work best for your workflow.

Scaling – Growing with a Client

You want to grow your business.

We want to play a small role in your success.

What’s our role?

Give you an IT platform that is secure, stable, and user-friendly – and stay out of your way.

As you grow, we have the capacity to scale our technicians and our services right alongside your growth.

You won’t have to look for another IT support team, just because you’ve leveled up to the next plateau of success.

We’ll be there with you to support you at each stage of growth.