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Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

At Corptek Solutions, we’ve never been the type of company willing to rest on our laurels. It’s one thing for us to tell you what a meaningful change we can be for your business. It’s another thing to let our satisfied clients tell you themselves.

Here are just a few of the businesses that we’re honored to have served and helped succeed throughout the years:

“If you’re reading this and on the fence or perhaps just browsing, your look is over. The Corptek team is who you need to know. They take the confusion and fear out of IT. They are a company with systems and processes, which always puts my mind at ease. Neil is one of the easiest guys to work with and thinks outside the box. The entire team is incredible & solutions driven- one you can depend on. This is a team that you can feel confident referring your best client too. Thank you for being an asset to me and my business. The Corptek team is a trusted resource!”

Casey Christine

5 Stars

“What a difference! Corptek came in and did a great job at transitioning us to their software! There was minimal downtime and they made the process seamless. Our server crashed less than a week after moving over and they were able to get us back up and running without any disruption to our daily activities. I highly recommend them!”

Richard Gesell

5 Stars

“Hands down Corptek has been the best decision we’ve made in choosing IT company for our OS office! The staff is very knowledgeable, attentive, professional and super nice! Best of all they are LOCAL!!! … SO, if you’re in the market looking for an IT company that offers great communication, professionalism, and security. Look no further, Corptek are your guys!!”

Michael Sheppard

5 Stars

“Corptek has been amazing to work with! When I first called Corptek my company was suffering a tragic incident where all of our data was compromised. They came on board and helped us get back online immediately. The team is very responsive, listens and understands our needs & provides the best options. Thank you Corptek Team!”

Taylor Plasek

5 Stars

“Corptek has taken care of our IT needs for over 12yrs. They are always easy to work with and professional. They have solved many computer issues from the very simple to the most complicated. We have never been disappointed.”

Patty Reid

5 Stars

“I have used many IT companies in my career. Jason and his team are great, always prompt and fix problems seamlessly . I would recommend Corptek to any small business looking for great IT solutions!”

Ari Levy

5 Stars

“Corptek is always available when we need IT help. They respond promptly, diagnose quickly and resolve the problem(s). We have not had any problems they couldn’t handle.”

Michael LaCombe

5 Stars

“I am grateful for Corptek managing IT support services for 20+ of our locations, supporting our VOIP phone systems, networks, and desktop computers.”

Jason Arnold

5 Stars

“Jason and his team are awesome! They are extremely knowledgeable about what they do. They care a lot about their clients, and are available anytime there is an emergency situation. The turnaround response time is impeccable. Our firm is so blessed to have found Corptek Solutions when we did. With Corptek, we now have peace of mind when it comes to problems that arise that are beyond our expertise. They are passionate about what they do, and it shows in their work. I would recommend Corptek to anyone.”

Deborah Crawford

5 Stars

“I don’t normally leave reviews not unless they are really good or really bad. I had been in the business for almost 20 years and we always need computers and IT service. I can honestly say that Corptek Solutions is the one that is rated on top of my list. They do exceptional work and they know their stuff. They are quick to help and resolve our IT issues. This company has qualified IT techs unlike others that hire techs that are no sure of how to work issues. These guys are the real deal!
For our employees they are the best thing that happened to us in a long time. Great job Jason and Neil!”

Chris Tan

5 Stars

“Jason, Derek and the team at Corptek are awesome! They handled our email migration with ease and fully supported us through the entire process. I highly recommend Corptek!”

leah ann bergara

5 Stars

“We recently switched security companies and could not be any happier. Justin is always happy to help with any issues that we have.”

Jenn Rasco

5 Stars

“We recently overhauled our cobbled together collection of PC’s & added a server to our system. Our experience with Corptek Solutions has been fantastic! Neil & Jason are the best. They have consistently gone above & beyond our expectations in response & communication. In addition they have offered up powerful recommendations which have amplified our productivity considerably. I would highly recommend them to anyone with a need for a superior customer experience regarding IT.”

Roger D. Carroll

5 Stars

“On 2/15/22 our IT company that we have used for a while and have been paying to back up our data and service our network was working on my business laptop. Long story short, they crashed my computer, blue screen of death, bit key encrypted the whole works.

This was devastating for me because once this happened they discovered that they did not back our system up and flat out told me that they could not fix it. All of my business records for over 6 years were gone, my sons pictures of him being a baby, our wedding pictures, all of my quick books, everything was gone!!!! To say I panicked and had a major anxiety attack is mild to what I went through! After trying for hours to find someone to help me I received a message from a friend out of the blue and she asked me how my day was going and I told her. She said I have a great IT guy, Mr. Neil and that she would give me his number.

I called Mr. Neil first thing in the morning. Mr.Neil made room in his personal schedule because all of his employees had a full schedule.

I was planning on hearing the worst that they wouldn’t be able to save my computer and all was lost. However, I kept praying and hoping that it could be saved.

Mr. Neil is beyond amazing. He jumped right in and saved my data, my pictures, everything!!!!!! It was like an albatross was lifted off of my neck as soon as he said he was able to start retrieving my data. He is a Rockstar with computers!!!!

He has the best customer service that I can honestly say I have received in over a decade. He even allowed me to bring my son with me to his office so I didn’t have to find daycare! His whole staff was welcoming and comforting! If you need IT service for your business please call this company!!!”

Tahana Barcuch

5 Stars