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Find the Perfect PC

With technology and software advancing, enterprise businesses are still struggling to find the perfect PC to suit their needs. Read this blog to learn more.  

Over the years, enterprise businesses have struggled to find a PC, desktop, or workstation that is best suited for their needs. While PCs and laptops were thought to be a solution for on-demand productivity for teams of all sizes, these devices haven’t been the desired solution that enterprises had in mind.

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Serious PC Concerns

Provisioning PCs or laptops has been a leading concern, but other headaches stem from managing, patching, securing, and updating these corporate-owned machines. As of yet, we still haven’t found a comprehensive solution that provides global enterprises with a custom-made, secure desktop that is focused on the needs of the user.

Windows Management Improvement

As an effort to find the perfect PC, companies are addressing issues with the following three strategies: managing Microsoft Windows, centralizing Windows, or getting rid of Windows altogether. Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and other tools have been developed to combat provisioning and managing problems, but the process has been complicated and resource-intensive.

Legacy Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

When first developed, legacy VDI was aimed at making endpoint management more accessible, while also supplying a high level of security in on-premise data centers. Unfortunately, legacy VDI turned out to be costly and very difficult to understand. It also resulted in poor performance for users. However, VDI is still heavily used today. VDI drives almost $30 billion in annual spending across:

  • Software
  • Storage
  • Servers
  • Networking
  • Consulting services

While VDI is still popular today, one of the reasons is that there haven’t been many other options for users. But as the public cloud is emerging quickly, there is a serious threat targeting VDI.

Today, utilizing virtual desktops on a global scale is possible. According to Gartner analyst Michael Warrilow, he predicts that “DaaS revenue will overtake the server-based computing (SBC) and VDI market segments by 2021.”

Ongoing Quest

With the rapid expansion of cloud technology, developing and managing data and IT strategies now has many different opportunities. This is primarily due to the development of offerings such as:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

With the cloud landscape advancing quickly, managers and senior IT leaders are focusing on a cloud-first mandate to offer more flexibility and capabilities for their organizations.


When the perfect PC is found, it will look different for every organization. However, there are some common configuration elements that every company should hold; these include a:

  • Globally available public cloud
  • Answer for provisioning and managing virtual desktops in any region of the public cloud
  • Safe, cost-effective endpoint

Once we find a solution that can tackle pressing challenges and solve specific needs for users, enterprise businesses can run more efficiently.

While we are still searching for the perfect PC, advancements in global cloud infrastructure and cloud desktop solutions have enterprise IT headed in the right direction.

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